Review by Erin Osmon:

“A family band that is neither paralysed by infighting nor watered down by dripping sentimentality, the father-son duo of Neil and Liam Finn, with assists from mum Sharon and brother Elroy on bass and drums, have crafted a lush song suite reflective of the grandeur of their native New Zealand’s landscapes. Album openers ‘Prelude – Island of Peace’ and ‘Meet Me in the Air’ set the tone with piano chirps that coat breezy synths and windswept words in an arboreal hug. Later, Neil’s pop pedigree shines through Liam’s more atmospheric canopy on ‘Back to Life’ and ‘Listen’.”

I must say Neil seems hardly to age over the decades; his hair’s just a bit lightened with grey. Liam is of the hirsute variety and thus almost looks like Neil’s dad rather than son. (I always imagine that that is what people must be aiming for when opting for furry faces.)

I’ve been so madly busy for so long that I’ve not even managed to watch the videos they’ve released so must get on that, and this will be a lovely new treat when things have calmed down, although it seems a long wait. In my heart, I still hope for another album from the Finn Brothers (these days I must specify Finn Brothers The Elders) one day…. but I’m delighted to have any new Finn fodder.

The album is released here in the UK on 24th August, just days before my birthday as if it were fate. A good time for an arboreal hug, methinks.

(Thanks Tia xxxPG) 

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