The vinyl version available through Amazon US is an import.  So is the CD version.  The posting shows no MP3 rip for either.  I’m stuck between getting the less expensive CD at $12.99 minus “Troubles” that I can transfer onto my computer/phone or get the $25 vinyl with Troubles but no MP3.  With Finn albums, especially his non-Crowded House albums, repeat listenings are a must.  Listening in my car makes that easier. But I love his work on vinyl. 

I was wondering if anyone could sing the virtues for one format over the other for this album?  And did anyone get the Amazon import on vinyl and found a way to get the download?


Well as per one format or another, I heard it first in the CD / iTunes running order and prefer it that way. Having Kindly been given the chance to hear Troubles, I didn't really like it and for me, it'd didn't fit with the 11 track version I heard first - which I have to say continues to grow and be thoroughly enjoyed. 

It is IMHO a super record, I think its also best enjoyed with headphones and late at night. 

Merry Christmas Finn'atics!! 




Purchased the US Amazon vinyl version of Lightsleeper; it's an import going for 25.99USD.  15 units remaining in stock.  Album was received today. Good news: Business card with download code at fell out of the front sleeve.  No trouble downloading, but unfortunately, Trouble is not included.

Now, to spin those records.  The fun begins!! 

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