Life before Split Enz

Little known part of our history.

Before we worked for Crowded House, Before we worked for Split Enz ... we had 2 little Fanzines out with the unlikely names of "10,000 Voltz" and "Wipe The Sweat".

2017 marks the 40th anniversary since "VOLTZ" was conceived. WTS followed.

In a few weeks time we will be releasing 2 x 40th Anniversary Editions of both Fanzines. Mostly new content and a few retro articles from those early editions. More on the content closer to release...looking good on an article on the Ninee's (via Noel) and what is the "Garden Of Eden" sessions (Lost Enz rehearsals???????????????)

An hour ago the Facebook page for both was ignited on the Net. Hopefully we will be posting content every day or two -some old, some new some borrowed and some blue.

Feel free to give the page a "Like" if interested.

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It's looking like both will be available this afternoon (Friday). Contents are now up.

The contents of our two 40th Anniversary Fanzines ("10,000 Voltz" + "Wipe The Sweat") are now up on the Australian Fanzines facebook page. A few cool articles- and those Enz Frenz among you might be interested.

Noel Crombie + Neil Finn as The Ninnies is an interesting time from 1978. Enz songs like Holy Smoke, Evelyn , Outer Mongolia found some of their bare bones as the Ninnies. Noel is in the article looking back to Dog Kennel Lane digs where the Ninnies first breathed life.

Also Tim Finn & Mike Chunn some quotes around our favourite music venue-The Bondi Lifesaver (The Swap). They talk about the Enz first arriving in Sydney & the Lifesaver the first venue they played.

Plus a great 3 page interview with Schnell Fensters Michael den Elzen with his time with the Schnells.

The contents for both Fanzines are now up on the FB page (link below) . We are keeping the price down to cost (around $2.50-$3.00 ) . We should have order details up very soon as well. Going by the emails it wouldn't surprise me if these sell out within a few minutes! Thanks everyone, so many amazing emails etc around these two 40th Anniversary projects.

They are ready this Saturday and mailed Monday.

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