I'm a huge Neil fan but new to Liam's music.  Can someone recommend a good place to start?  What is considered Liam's best album?

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His solo records all have something interesting to offer.  I started with his first solo album at the time it was released and have just been going forward chronologically as they've been released.  Betchadupa wasn't really my cup of tea and while BARB was interesting it did not stick with me.

My favorite Liam track is Cold Feet.

I'll Be Lightning, Liam's first solo album, would be my recommended starting point.    Then I would move chronologically through his discography, making sure to not overlock his EP with EJ Barnes.  

I will concur with Linzimoor; seeing him live is a must.  

I personally wouldn't overlook Betchadupa; though a mixed bag, and sound like the youngsters they were, there are some excellent songs. "Spill the Light" is as lovely as anything I can think of. If you do go chronologically, I think you will see Liam coming into his own. I'll be Lightning may still be my favorite, though there are several "noise" songs that I really don't care for. FOMO is perhaps the most consistently "listenable" to the general public, I agree that "Cold Feet" is one of his best. The Nihilist just doesn't have that standout "grabber", though it is pretty good overall. 

He and EJ were just meant to sing together. 

I'll Be Lightning is my favourite Liam album, and would probably be a good starting point, I'd then progress to Champagne in Seashells (his EP with EJ Barnes) FOMO and The Nihilist. Each album (including the EP) has its own character. 

I loved Lightning when it came out and it has continued to grow on me (I never get tired of listening to it). FOMO was good and as mentioned Cold Feet is easily the stand out track but I never connected to in quite the same way. I think The Nihilist is an album I still haven't given enough time to. It didn't instantly grab me on the first few listens, and I never really returned to it. Champagne in Seashells is a great post Lightening listen - and captures some of the magic that Liam and EJ had on stage during the Lightening tours. 

There are also a couple of Live albums from the Lightening era:



I would then take a look back at Betchadupa. I agree with Steve - there are some excellent songs there. Spill the Light off the first EP is amazing especially given he would have only been 15 or so when he wrote it. I also really like West Coast Religion off the 3D LP. The first full album The Alphabetchadupa is a bit of a mixed bag, but good for comparing the progression to the second album Aiming for Your Head - which has some brilliant songs. 

I really enjoy listening to Betchadupa just to see the progression in Liam's song writing. I particularly enjoy the live tracks off the Who's Coming Through The Window single. There is a fun song there called Elroy - which a young Liam has written about his younger brother


I wish I could get my hands on some Betchadupa.  Occasionally, Liam would play a Betchadupa song during his live shows.   My Army of Birds and Gulls was a memorable one. 

I have a real soft spot for Liam and EJ together.  Magical pairing.  

Thank you, Whysus!  Now I need some $$$$!

In the meantime, a cursory search on Amazon led to finding Aiming for Your Head - which is a free stream on Amazon Prime.  So until the cash flow returns, I'll  enjoy the stream.


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