Its a good thing to remember that I am only 11 Smiler
2 youtube videos
Second Chance (would love to do the other parts but i dont have a loop pedal!)
Gather To The Chapel
and theres also my original Cloud Nine on my channel
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Original Post
Wow! Great job! I love your singing voice!

I'm pretty sure the liamdupa comment is the real deal. Lucky you Smiler
Originally posted by Chook:
Wow!! That was really good IP2!! My favourite one was Second Chance. Good job!! Smiler

thanks Chook!
Thats my favourite too!
IP2 You are one talented little Kiwi.Could be that we will be coming to one of your concerts in the future ;-) Keep it up little buddy,We'll be following your progress.

I bet that you just loved The Swell Season concert yeah.Were you blown away with Glen Hansard's guitar skills?

You're good IP2 me thinks that you could be a great song writer - follow your dreams
Yeah, I loved the Swell Season concert Longwhitecloud. I've been a huge fan for about a year now, so it was amazing to see them live (and meet them beforehand!)

I've been playing with a few bands recently. I just started high school so there are a lot of cool new people...
I'm even playing bass in a kind of heavy metal band Big Grin Which is quite interesting, I might say...

I definately plan to keep going. So much more opportunities at high school. I think I may enter Mike Chunn's Play It Strange competition...
Originally posted by italianplastic2:
I've been playing with a few bands recently. I just started high school so there are a lot of cool new people..
Some fun times ahead. Keep us posted.
Wow. I'm opening for one of my favourite NZ bands, Die! Die! Die! next week...
August 4 at Zeal in Wellington. So...come if you're in town Razzer

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