Liam, Elroy, EJ, CeeCee and Jimmy

Went to Liam's show last night at the legendary Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto and am still on a high after enjoying almost 90 minutes of a kick-***, pure adrenaline, spiritual and fun performance.

This is what rock & roll looks like in 2014. Liam blends a variety of influences and atmospheres like very few artists are able to do. Having Elroy on drums, EJ on Vocals (+ about 6 different instruments), the beautiful CeeCee on Keyboards (+ backing vocals) and the powerhouse player known as Jimmy on bass, exponentially raised the quality of Liam's music to a whole new level. Liam on guitar is becoming a force to reckon with. No longer is he just an experimental mad-scientist making wonders with his loop pedal, he is now an accomplished player, capable of some very fancy fret-work. The cost of getting a night's full of Liam at his best on guitar and vocals, was no drumming from Liam a la' animal (from the Muppets). However thanks to Elroy's steady beat and effortless playing, no one even noticed the absence of a 2nd drumkit on stage.

Liam deserves all the positive reviews and critical acclaim he can and will get while on tour. He is an immensely talented artist/musician/songwriter/guitarist in his own right. He is original, authentic and unapologetic about his shiny-sparkly "Torero" jacket... not bolero as some may think.

Liam, you are an inspiration!

youll never see the end of the road while your travelling with me...

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Thanks for the review, there seems to be very little Liam traffic on the board. Glad it was a great show; I must say I'm not getting into the new disc like I did the previous ones. I guess I lean more to the sublime pop of Cold Feet and the like. The new songs just aren't very memorable to me. Would still love to see him live, though.

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