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Agree with Jeremy on that one. I'm glad I picked up that book and 'Ghost Cars' from Peter when I could!

Assume the book sold in the end, but the same seller now has a 'legitimate' collectable - Chris Bourke's excellent 'Something So Strong' book.  I managed to pick up the Kindle version a while back, but if anyone needs a paperback, it's here:

As for Jeremy's post, I disagree with the ruling of only selling Fanclub items to Fanclub members (in particular the Live CDs). I understand that Peter was looking out for the Fanclub members who wished to own such items but the ruling only came about when Peter had seen the incredibly high prices that they were going for on Ebay (I have seen the Live CDs sell for $170+ each).

I can see that he was trying to do good for others but on the other hand I purchased everything that I possibly could albeit without any rules attached. Should this mean that I cannot sell any items that I own for what I believe they are worth and possibly allow a club member to buy them cheap & re-sell for a nice profit at my expense ? Isn't that the reason why we buy rare stuff, because it is valuable ? After all, I pumped thousands of dollars into the Enz related coffers (Peter would know this because of the amount of items that I bought) so I should expect to see some big $$$ come back to me when others wish to purchase them.

Now that the Fanclub has closed it's doors, the ruling is null & void. While the Fanclub was still operational, I respected Peter's ruling by not selling my Live CDs or other Fanclub related items. Now I believe I have the right to sell the items that I own for what people are willing to pay for them. There is no law implemented to stop me. If people wish to abide by the club ruling, I have no problem with it but those who choose not to should not be told what price their items should be sold for, as they are the rightful owners of the property.

I don't have any items to sell nor am I looking to buy. But I've gotta agree with Enzboy. What compelled people from selling their club items while the club was around was the threat of being kicked out of the club. Fair enough. But there is absolutely nothing that should prevent anyone from selling any club items for whatever people are willing to pay.

Did we sign an agreement saying we would never resell club items? I don't believe so.

For some reason I am unable to edit quotes, so I won’t quote Enzboy, but will respond to a couple of things from his post.

I personally have never bought rare things from the Frenz club for their value, but because I wanted the things being sold.  You sound mercenary in your post and that does not sit well with me.

But having said that, the fan club no longer exists so I think all bets are off regarding selling fan club material.

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