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No relation to finn elders track.

This is a great album that just grows on you. There are so many brilliant tracks. Some of them would easily lend themselves to an enz treatment.

Makes me think how great it would be if they could showcase a few in the upcoming tour - say three songs...Late Last Night or True Colours, Falling off a Cloud and Fire Extinguisher.

A reunion of sorts of the 78 lineup.
Fantastic news there Camus.
Anyone want to start speculating as to the song or songs that might be performed?
It would be just perfect for the DVD!!

Didn't know that Matinee Idyll & Phil were buddies. Still, after his lunch with Noel, i guess he's almost a member of the ENZ. Big Grin
Well done MI! & well done Neil. Sounds like the Melbourne concert will be the one to go to. Smiler

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