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I finally got around to writing to Tim on FB and beseeching him to make a recording of "White Cloud". I've been busy with work and wanted to word it right. This is what I wrote:

"Hello, Tim. I've been wanting to write to you ever since I saw "White Cloud"  in Kerikeri. The world needs to hear those beautiful songs, Tim, please record them. I think it's great that you are taking the show to England and Ireland. I hope it is well received.
I think of the people who will see it for the 1st time, maybe only once. I hope I have another chance. Not everyone will experience it as I did. I guess it's like people who visit New Zealand. Different highlights, different perceptions, yet everyone seems to agree that it's beautiful and that they wish to return.
I can still hear the closing strains of  "Flying Dream" and feel the tears welling up in my eyes. Damn, I was crying so hard, I didn't even see you leave the stage! There are other  parts I can recall, with similar clarity, but I so want to relive the whole journey. That is why "White Cloud" needs to be recorded in some form, or another. The songs on their own are too beautiful not to be committed to prosperity, allowing the people to return to the experience. Will you do this for us, Tim?"

I decided to post it publicly, as the more likes and messages of support I can get, the better. If you are with me, then please come on over to: ,look under Posts To Page and back me up. These songs truly are beautiful, the world needs to hear them, let's make it happen, frenz!

I would liken you

To a night without stars

Were it not for your eyes

To a sleep without dreams

Were it not for your songs (Langston Hughes)

What else is love for

But to leave you wanting more? (Tim Finn)

My Digital Art, Poetry & Lyrics

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I'm just listening again to what I have of the songs of White Cloud (regrettably not a complete set as it was shared on Jane Music with some of the songs missing).


Masterpieces from White Cloud are definitely:


Clarity Begins At Home

Flying Dream


Sometimes A Glimpse


So yes, it must be released somehow, but will this ever happen? In several interviews, Tim has told that he's more productive these days than ever. The songs of White Cloud do attest to this.


Quite a few other recent songs have remained unreleased and I see no pressure on the part of the fans (except your appeal) to get them released.


Let me mention some gems of this category:


Moment To Moment

Driving Blind


Gutsy Girl

Liz Cook's Lament

etc. etc.


I do join your appeal but I'm afraid all this is no more than a cry in the wilderness. No ears to hear it.

Well we all know what happens to those who cry in the wilderness. They get their heads chopped off, at the behest of some glorified exotic dancer! I'm not exactly sure you are implying, Bud. FB posts do get read, if only by the management. Otherwise, the page could get filled up with spam. Are you saying that Tim wouldn't care about our request? I believe in the power of words and of absolute sincerity. Do you think there aren't enough others who feel the same way? "White Cloud" has received plenty of love, at least from what I've seen on FB. I know some critics didn't quite get it. Maybe it takes a fan. I am not giving up.
Btw, I've never heard of Jane Music. Are those songs still available? Are they bootleg recordings from a show? The only songs I've come upon have been "Slippery Identities" on YT and "White Cloud" and "Rainstorm" from the recent radio interview, in Ireland. I'm going to have a look right now. I am so climbing the walls, hanging to hear those songs again! Come on, September... SEPTEMBER, COME ON!!!

I'm happy to have been able to help you get this brilliant stuff! There was only one seed remaining when I last checked it (not too much interest in Tim's stuff, it seems).


We must believe in words and messages coming through to whom it may concern, but sincerely, I do not see even the slightest hope of getting Tim's stuff recorded and released this way.


We have been waiting in vain even the second part of Rarities, Demos, Live Performances Volume 1 CD since 2008.


A few demos were "scrapped" by Tim himself around the time of Conversation and there is no plan of these songs to be released. Other pieces from a common project with Dorothy Porter were only played once in a gig and never saw the light of the day.


So there is much gap to be filled. I can't really believe that these will ever be released on record. But hope dies last.


Mmm, I got the impression that the Dorothy Porter project pretty much died when she did. We got to hear "Talking In My Sleep" and "Gutsy Girl" on The Conversation tour. A couple of years ago, a bunch of songs were temporarily on Tim's FB, including "New Friends", from the "January" rock musical. It was very hard for me to like that song, as it recycled the melody of "Sunset Swim", which I adore and filled it with references to nipple rings and breakfast cereal ("snap, crackle, pop".)

Also among that set were "Driving Blind" and "Moment To Moment", both of which I loved, particularly the latter. My ex even stopped being cynical for the duration, as he could see I was having a special fan moment. "Liz Cook's Lament" is pure brilliance and I feel very fortunate to have heard it twice on The Conversation tour. The only reason I can think of, why it wasn't officially released is that it wouldn't have fit the context of TVIWTC. I would have done without certain tracks that did make the cut, in favour of those three.

It is an absolute bugger that so many gems remain mere obscurities. I do have a theory as to why, but the day I expound it here is the day I go dancing in the Queen St traffic. Results would be similar.

I am just grateful for what we do have to enjoy. I keep thinking of the line from the Metallica song, "Every day for us, something new." The "Tupaia" opera is going to be amazing, just wait until you hear it! I am going to see "White Cloud" twice in the one week next month and they are going to have to send up a special mission to drag me back down thru the inversion layer. Even when there's nothing new on the horizon, I can realise something new for me, in a song I've heard a thousand times.

My conscience is reminding me, quite insistently, that I have work to do today, so this is the infamous aFINNity, tragic fan extraordinaire, signing off now.

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And I liked your comment right back, as soon as I received the alert. I was going to invite you to come on down to the bottom half of the world and see NZ in the sweetness of early spring. There are still tickets left for both performances of "White Cloud", including some spots down the front. You could even sit at my table, if you came on Sept 2nd, right next to me if you're game. You probably can't make it, but I thought I'd extend the invitation anyway.

Well, it would seem that "Emptiness", "Driving Blind", "Moment To Moment" and more are still available for a listen:

I came upon them purely by chance, when I clicked the "Concert Schedule" on Tim's FB. His rendition of "They Won't Let My Girlfriend Talk To Me" is also on there. I'll never understand why Tim didn't release that recording, rather than selling the song to Jimmy & The Boys. Ever since "Countdown Spectacular II", I am haunted by an image of a middle aged man, in a black leather corset.

And what about "Nothing Lasts" demo? Is it from about the same time as the "Girlfriend” demo (as some demo lists would suggest)? Maybe Tim did not think it worth to be recorded but this short piece sounds to my ears really good:


I share here the demo in question only to remind:


By the way, can any of you tell something about the piano instrumental "Matilda’s theme”? How can I happen to listen to it (as I’ve never heard this one).

Originally Posted by Budbudabuddha:

And what about "Nothing Lasts" demo? Is it from about the same time as the "Girlfriend” demo (as some demo lists would suggest)? Maybe Tim did not think it worth to be recorded but this short piece sounds to my ears really good:


I share here the demo in question only to remind:

Scratchy old recording, but it's lovely. Bares similarity to the verse of "Slippery Identities".


 Originally Posted by Budbudabuddha:

By the way, can any of you tell something about the piano instrumental "Matilda’s theme”? How can I happen to listen to it (as I’ve never heard this one).

I did hear it once at a gig. Unfortunately, I was pretty out of it (long, sad story) and I remember very little. Intemperance is it's own reward (oh, yes it is!)


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Interesting remark on the similarity, although "Slippery Identities" reminded me more of "More Fool Me", but it may be subjective (the same tune and similar chords, anyway). You may really read the melody of "Nothing Lasts" into the line of the verse And speak of things you’ve never felt before..., as it seems. If so, this can also be reckoned as another case of recycling.


Something different:


Just curious which songs on The View album you would say you would have done without?

It is hard to say now, as I have grown to love most it. "Everybody's Wrong" is the only track I sometimes skip over. I find it a little boring, though it does have its moments, the delicate beauty of Tim's vocal on the bridge, for instance. I guess I wanted another album like The Conversation. I don't mean an acoustic album, but one that stirred such intense emotions that I cried and did crazy things. I discovered a beautiful country, where I now live. I got inked. I got so freaking high after one gig that I stayed awake for 42 hours (no drugs!)
Where does it start?
Where does it finish?...

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As you guys probably know, I've made quite a hobby of collecting obscure Tim Finn rarities and figuring out when is his career they all fit sequentially.  I was surprised to find a couple things on that Facebook link that even I had not come across before.  The more complete demo of "Every Good Boy" - I have an earlier demo that's just Tim, piano, and acoustic guitar.  I hadn't previously head "Moment to Moment".  And I only just realized that "New Friends" morphed into "Sunset Swim".

In theory, it could also have been the other way around: "Sunset Swim" might have been the first, and then "New Friends" a later production.


A similar case would be "Nothing Unusual" (Anthology, 2009) turning into "People Like Us" (The View, 2011) later.


I may quite imagine that Tim goes on to rework several of his themes in the conviction that no one would ever give such an attentive ear to his works as to recognize the similarities. Or these are just tests for the fans, and he's sitting at home and reading our guesses with a smile?

One time in Auckland, on the NSEW tour, Tim expected the fans to recognise the woh-oh-oh-oh woh-oh from "My Mistake", near the end of "Nothing Unusual". Nobody did. I don't know if the "iTunes Live" recording is still around, but you hear Tim exclaim "There you are! See", during the relevant section of "My Mistake".

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