A few years ago, a YouTuber combed through lots of audio and found 550 musicians and other artists who were asked to choice between Lennon and McCartney. 

See below for their responses but who do you favor ... Lennon or McCartney? 

I'm a McCartney ...

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I like the McCartney Songs more. So McCartney for me. (I agree with whoever it was in the video though, Lennon is cooler.)

BUT: Who knows why. A song is more than words and chord progressions, as is "that Beatles sound". The iconic riffs to start with.

[It's the sensitive topic of the definition of songwriting again. I don't want to stick my finger in the Crowded House wound many of us feel, but the one time Neil really annoyed me was when he responded to someone on Twitter last year that it didn't matter who he was playing with, because it was the songs that counted. And all I could shout in my head was "You know what, some of your songs since 2011 could do with some inspired input, especially on bass and drums, by, oh I don't know, Nick, Mark and Matt?! I'm going off topic, sorry.]


50/50 in the Beatles (maybe even 60 Lennon and 40 McCartney).

However, take a listen to Lennon’s Solo albums compared with McCartney...

McCartney wins hands down (yes, some albums are far stronger than others but Band On The Run & Flaming Pie)...

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