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Last night I went to Tim's third Auckland show. Like the other two Auckland shows I went to, this one was also excellent.

Heres the setlist (in almost the correct running order):Bold As Brass,
Poor Boy,
Dirty Creature,
Good Together,
Death Of A Popular Song,
Shark Attack,
What You've Done,
Sawdust And Splinters,
Stuff N' Nonsense,
Six Months In A Leaky Boat,
Fraction Too Much Friction,
Not Even Close,
Weather With You,
I See Red.

The highlight of this show was a song that I heard for the first time last night, Sawdust And Splinters. I honestly think that it could be the most beautiful song that Tim has ever written. Marea Patterson's (Bass player in Tim's tour band) father played trumpet on it. It was minimalist pop perfection. I say this because Tim's two Guitarists left the stage for this song, and Tim layed down a simple but effective Acoustic Guitar riff, backed with some delicate Bass and Drums, with the occasional Trumpet part thrown in.

I can't believe how good Tim's voice was again. I thought that seeing as it was the end of a tour, he might be tired. But it was the complete opposite. His voice sounded superb again, he ran about the stage like a madman and his on-stage banter was just as charming and effective as his songs.

Tim also said that last night was the anniversary of his 29 years and 6 months exactly in the music biz.
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