Seriously!  Are people still sleeping?  That's no excuse!  I plan to live update Neil's NYC setlist tomorrow evening.

I don't have a setlist to post but I will say it was an absolutely wonderful show. Roughly the first half of the show was songs from Dizzy Heights performed with a 10-piece string section plus keyboards and drums and they were just perfect. When the string section left, Neil invited some special guests to play on certain songs in various permutations: Mitchell Froom, Mark Hart, Sebastian Steinberg, and Grant-Lee Phillips (who played a stunning version of "Only Talking Sense" with Neil). It was probably the best Neil show I've seen at Largo.

Largo hands out a few printed setlists after shows so I would expect someone to post a complete list later.  Personal highlights: World Where You Live with Mitchell Froom on piano- Neil forgot the lyrics and attributed it to having to make room in his head for all the new songs.  He apologized to Mitchell for the first and second verse but it only adds to the charm of the show, as far as I'm concerned.  The audience was in fine voice for the chorus and the end.  The first encore song he chose to do Private Universe (by request) and closed the show with the second request of the night "Message to My Girl".  "Not the Girl You Think You Are" was great as was "Sinner" with the string section.  Trying to remember the rest of the songs as it was an amazing night.  One of the best Largo shows so far.

Neil with 9-piece string section:


Dive Bomber

Dizzy Heights

In My Blood

White Lies And Alibis

Lights Of New York

Better Than TV


Impressions (with Sebastian Steinberg)

Sinner (with Sebastian Steinberg)


Neil with Mitchell Froom:


World Where You Live

Fall At Your Feet


Neil with Mark Hart:


Not The Girl You Think You Are


Neil with Grant Lee Phillips:


Four Seasons In One Day

Only Talking Sense


Flying In The Face Of Love


Distant Sun


Request encore:


Private Universe

Message To My Girl

In attendance: Margaret Cho, Vonda Shepherd, Bob Clearmountain, Hale Milgrim.


Neil basically performed almost the whole "Dizzy Heights" album with the exception of "Pony Ride", and "Strangest Friends". He also represented his previous solo albums, Finn Brothers, Crowded House and Split Enz in a set which was roughly twice as long as the hour promised.


Said he would like to find a sponsor to enable him to take the strings on tour.
Gave credit to Bob Clearmountain who was in the audience for a keyboard motif which Bob suggested upon hearing the final mix of "Fall At Your Feet".

Neil's drummer had used a field recorder to tape the traffic noise on La Cienega which he played into a microphone to replicate the traffic sounds on "Lights Of New York" - this seemed to please Neil a lot as he wasn't expecting it.


Sebastian Steinberg augmented the strings for the final two songs in their portion of the set and he returned for most of the songs which followed Grant's arrival on stage, playing Sharon's part on "Flying In The Face Of Love" which Neil had just taught him.Mark Hart returned for "Distant Sun" and "Private Universe".

Seeing Grant, Sebastian and Mitchell on stage brought back memories of their many cameos at the old Largo location.

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Originally Posted by Half-Full:

You should definitely post live updates

I would like to, but I think my iPhone will have other responsibilities during the show. 


Said he would like to find a sponsor to enable him to take the strings on tour.


A couple of years ago, My Morning Jacket contacted local youth orchestras from the cities in which they were playing in advance of their tour and asked if they would be willing to learn some songs and play in concert. The ones which accepted the offer were sent music to learn, then on show days ran through a practice with the band, and then played 5 or 6 songs with the band during the concert. The show in Chicago that I saw had about 10 teen aged kids, several of whom were visibly over the top to be performing live.


Maybe not the same as having professional musicians, but it was a total success.


David Bryne did a gig here with a string quartet and used local musicians from the Alabama Symphony.  Evidently that was his "thing" a number of years ago.


They were mugging it up a bit, which was amusing (but distracting.)    At least classical musicians can generally be counted on to read the music provided.   


Loving the arrangements of the new songs. Wouldn't mind hearing them on our faves.



Did anyone stick around after the show to talk to Neil? I hung around for a while but had to leave before he came out.

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