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OHMYGOD... I just heard TEN minutes ago that Neil is in town and have been trying to get information. I saw him at Largo last August, and if he's performing, that's my first guess as to where. Largo is 432 N. Fairfax Avenue (right in the heart of Fairfax, around Melrose.) But I have no info! If you do, please, PLEASE let me know!
Neil Left info that he was playing at 'Largo' La-la land as he called it dates are below...get phoning!!!

NILFUN is open - hope you're digging it. There is much more to come in particular a look at and listen to new music being made. I'm flying to L.A. tommorrow to mix the last few songs - 2 gigs at Largo, 5th and 6th, it's all go!
Just a note about "hear", relax and slow down.


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    All times London, UK.

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