Anyone know what the deal is with Kufala?


I went to their website with a view to possibly getting hold of the odd Crowdie live show, and the site no longer works. A quick look on Google and it would appear that they've changed their name to LiveMusic2U, but there doesn't appear to be a working website for that either. They've got a minimal page on Facebook, but no apparent place to order CD's from.


Anyone dealt with Kufala / LiveMusic2u recently?



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Just a heads-up for those intrested:

I successfully downloaded a couple of shows yesterday from the web site.

The unfortunate demise of Kufala has not yet impacted the ability to download at

Although based on Jaffaman's post, it may well be a very limited option.

So if you've procrastinated on downloading your local show, the time frame for doing so may be running out this week.

Ordering of physical CDs is not an option, but the download mp3/Flac alternative was still operational yesterday, but I would say approach with caution.

Those box sets are long gone and certainly no longer commercially available.  I remember seeing the last of the individual discs being sold at a deep discount on eBay a couple years back.  I've enjoyed collecting all the shows digitally, but never splurged for the box.  2010 sound quality is far superior to 2007.

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