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try (and i cant promise this will work)
in realone under tools -> Preferences... set you connection to both to DUAL ISDN and restart the feed
(this from the guy at Nettwerk - cheers Jason)
it was pants to start with, now its just patchy.
grrrrr... why use a new technology when people struggle still with RealPlayer 7?!
anyways, have a good one folks Smiler
(at least i actually REMEMBERED this cast!)
jen x
you are a complete superstar for requesting log cabin fever and was it just me or did everyone drift off for 2 mins during that song and then check back in when he said time to break away

what a total bugger he 'ran out of words' and did not do the last chorus which says scared to show our colours to the world but at least it was ****ing great and what on EARTH is going on with this so-called ONE ALL promotion !?!?!!? One song so far and I love those but i'm not complaining !!
My connection had disconnected and it was taking forever to load so I figured it wasnt gonna come back on, so I went to get something and then at the exact moment I walked back in, it came back on and Neil said "Belinda in Sydney, G'day Belinda". I know it's hardly a big deal, but yay!
Sorry to everyone who's having trouble watching it, hopefully it will get archived.

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