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Just to clear up the timezones issue (I hope)

Um. Eastern Standard Time (EST) for the USA is five hours behind GMT (Greenwich Mean Time - England)

Austin, Texas is one hour behind EST...

and the Pacific Coast (Seattle, California etc) is two hours further behind that.

(Footnote: I've figured this out but am still having trouble figuring out when to log on to talk to my Australian friends... I know that the east coast is either fifteen or sisteen hours ahead of my current timezone (EST, the USA) but I get confused with daylight savings and it is ALL TOO HARD... lol Roll Eyes )
I hope the webcasts are archived too. I unfortunately have something to do this evening that I can't possibly get out of and will be unable to see either of them! *argh*

When I first heard about these webcasts, I figured, "Oh, they're being broadcast from NZ - that means they'll most likely be quite late at night for me and I will surely be home by then." And of course it turns out instead that they are at a perfectly reasonable time of day for me - it's just me who can't be around. Isn't that always the way? *laughs*
Ok, maybe I am being a bit daft here, but are these different webcasts or just a simulcast being aired an hour later than the other? Cos the link for the KGSR webcast is on the NettwerkAmerica website (or so it seems from the URL).

Confused? I am !

Guess I will just tune in at 11 and see how it goes. A tip for users (at least Mac people) - open up RealOne and 'open' the following location - . Right now it gives you a 'not available' speil and pops up a window with a 'sound toy' (similar if not the same as the one on the website).

Thank god it's not an early morning cast. Phew!

This is the best i could make of it all ....

Neil Webcast(s) Tonight

There's some confusion over webcasts tonight, as KGSR are having an 'exclusive' webcast at 5pm CST, and nettwerk (Neil's label) are listing a Neil webcast at 6pm CST. Either way, you'll need the (free) realplayer from (the free player does exist, they normally hide it away though).

Times around the world
please, please, please double check these, i could be wrong!

KGSR webcast - Click here to go there!

CST - 5pm
EST - 6pm
PST - 3pm
GMT - 11pm
MST - 4pm
Aukland - 11am 18th)

Nettwerk Webcast - Click here to get there!

CST - 6pm
EST - 7pm
PST - 3pm
GMT - 12pm (18th)
MST - 5pm
Aukland - 12am (noon) (18th)

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