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well it's official I'm obsessed with collecting Crowded House memorabilia...

first it was the CD's... then the fan club membership... then the posters, videos,DVD's, T-Shirts, fan club stuff and anything I can get my hands on! Smiler

I'm guessing I have the smallest collection of stuff out of all of us...

here's my list...
1. Crowded House - Crowded House
2. Temple Of Low Men
3. Woodface
4. Togehter Alone
5. Recurring Dream (limited edition with bonus live disc)
6. Recurring Dream...normal one.
7. Afterglow CD (with cardboard slipcase & FTTW poster)
8. Normal Afterglow CD
9. Back On The Bus -fanclub CD
10. Foreplay - fanclub CD
11. Crowded House poster circa 1986
12. Crowded House poster Dolly 1986
13. Crowded House poster Countdown magazine 1985/6
14. orange nilfun badge
15. pink it's only natural badge
16. finn badges
17. Crowded Hosue Crhristmas show 1990 T-Shirt
18. FTTW video (official)
19. FTTW video (taped) with Channel V Neil Finn show added on to the end of it.
20. neil Finn Cold Live @ The Chapel
21. Neil on rove live
22. Neil on the panel
23. Neil on the today show.
24. I Got You video clip (rage)
25. Various CH songs (some rare stuff)
26. Private Universe Book
27. Something So Strong Book
28. & worlds Collide DVD
29. All my split enz CD's
30. All my Neil solo stuff
31. Finn Brothers album (number 1) still waiting for number 2
well That's about it...I know there's heaps of you out there who have alot more than me...
if that's you *PLEASE* POST HERE! Big Grin Big Grin
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And you say you have little stuff?

Boy, you don't know how hard it is to find memorabilia here in Spain. I can only get imported things, not even some CH studio albums are here on sale. For example, Woodface, I got it from a French internet store.

What I have been able to get, by the moment, it will increase with the passing of time:

1.- CH album
2.- TOLM aalbum
3.- WF album
4.- TA album
5.- Finn / Finn Brothers album
6.- TWT album
7.- One Nil (One All European edition)
8.- RD album Special edition
9.- Afteglow with Interview CD(thanx Awamutu for the transcription!!!!)
10.- 7 Worlds Collide CD
11.- Neil's Session at West 54th St. DVD
12.- Lots of rare dowloaded songs (about 100)
13.- Split Enz videoclips, I Like to Watch and FTTW Concert, all in one tape (thanx Anselm!!!!)

Now I'm expecting the 7 Worlds Collide DVD to arrive from the lands of Aotearoa.

There are no more things that I have been able to collect in 2 years. Posters, T-shirts, badges and all that will come later, first the albums, that feed my Finnatism.
I feel sorry for you raul....

I have to get stuff of peopel too. Where I live there is absolutely nothing....

I've got the ILTW ideo too. not the split enz one.

WhennI found the 7WC DVD I quickly grabbed it & now it's just sitting on the shelf... I haven't even watched it once and i bought it 6 months ago! Smiler

I don't yet own a DVD player but when I get one then I'll watch it....
Ok, here's my list...

Crowded House - CD
Crowded House - Compact Disc (with I walk away
Crowded House - Cassette
Crowded House - LP

Temple Of Low Men - CD
Temple Of Low Men - Cassette
Temple Of Low Men - LP

Woodface - CD
Woodface - LP

Together Alone - CD
Together Alone - Cassette

Finn - CD
Finn - Cassette

Enzso - CD (I didn't get the other one coz Neil's not on it)

Recurring Dream - CD
Recurring Dream + Live album - CD

Try Whistling This - CD
Try Whistling This + B-sides disc - CD

Afterglow - CD

Other Enz - Split Enz & Beyond - CD

Rest Of The Day Off - CD single

One Nil - CD (Australian edition)
One Nil - CD (UK edition - no difference!)
One Nil - Cassette

Wherever You Are - CD single

Last To Know - CD single

7 Worlds Collide - CD

So there. - Along with all my mp3s (about 400) of live versions & stuff (I think everything he's done Smiler ) including the Afterglow "interview", ect.

Sacred Cow - If you wanna count other stuff...

Live @ The Chapel - VHS (taped from Channel 10)
Rove [live] - Interview & last to know (taped from Channel 10)
Some Videos Anselm sent me - Um... only a few brilliant hours of classic CH/Finn/Neil TV peformances, videos, interviews, etc. Smiler Smiler Smiler
Oh... & the webcast from a while ago & the KCRW radio show (which I've still got to make mp3s out of) Smiler Thanks Anselm!

I've also managed to find all these obscure CD reviews from years gone by - I just stick them in my CDs.

I'd like to hear of some more people with some more stuff.
Originally posted by sacredcow11:
WhennI found the 7WC DVD I quickly grabbed it & now it's just sitting on the shelf... I haven't even watched it once and i bought it 6 months ago! Smiler

I don't yet own a DVD player but when I get one then I'll watch it....[/qb]
You must stop whatever you are doing right now, and go and get a DVD player, I don't care how, beg, borrow, steal, but get one and watch that DVD, it is the BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO ME! Eddie Veder and Betchadupa doing I See Red is amazing!!

Let's see if I can pull up what I have, from memory:

Crowded House
Crowded House (with 'Can't Carry On' which was not on the original US release)
Temple of Low Men
Together Alone
Afterglow (with Neil Finn interview disc)
Recurring Dream (with Live bonus disc)
Everthing Is Good For You - single (with Live tracks from Town & Country)
Poster from a NZ gig with Schnell Fenster
I Like to Watch - video


Neil Finn
Try Whistling This (with bonus disc)
One Nil (import)
One All (domestic because it had two tracks 'One Nil' didn't have)
7 Worlds Collide
Disc from the Independent
7 Worlds Collide DVD
Sessions at West 54th DVD
Rain Soundtrack (just ordered from a NZ website)

Split Enz
History Never Repeats

1972-1979 box-set with:
The Beginning of the Enz
Second Thoughts
Mental Notes
Oddz and Enz (b-sides & live tracks)

Other Enz - Split Enz & Beyond
Waiata poster
a few things on cassette

Finn Brothers
Finn Brothers

Plus I have a bunch of MP3's
I don`t have so much stuff, like you all, because i`m a young Fan Smiler

Crowded House (Album)
Temple of Low Men
Woodface (added Value)
Together Alone
Recurring Dream
Live at the Ritz
Weather with you Remix Single
Stage Time

I like to watch
Nails in my feet
Farewell to the world

Belgian Concert Poster
German Tour Poster

Farewell to the world T-Shirt
Promo Photo B/W


The Best of split Enz
Second Thoughts
Se ya round
Mental Notes
Conflicting Emotions

One Nil
Finn Bros.

Big Grin

bye bye
It's a great book, it has pictures taken by one of his frenz, who accompied him on the tour to watch liam and elroy, the photos are glimpses of sights seen while traveling on the TWT tour and tour life, Neill added his words and thoughts on the tour, you get a real personal feel, well worth the money, you can get it on amazon for around 30 usd.
Originally posted by sacredcow11:
[qb]Once Removed is a book that neil's got pictures and words from his TWT tour...apparently it's really good. Razzer [/qb]
I just checked and they have Once Removed in stock. It's $30. and if you live in Manhattan, it's same day delivery!
I just ordered The Sessions at 54th DVD. Am I right to be waiting unpatiently in anticipation???
Crowded House (Album)
Temple Of Low Men
Together Alone
Recurring Dream (mp3)
Time On Earth (with DVD)

Farewell To The World (DVD)
Dreaming: The Videos

All albums remastered except as noted:
Beginning Of The Enz
Mental Notes
Second Thoughts
Frenzy (old Mushroom version)
Frenzy (remaster)
True Colours ('06 version)
Corroboree (old Mushroom version)
Corroboree (remaster)
Time & Tide
Conflicting Emotions
See Ya 'Round
Live In America

Split Enz DVD

Tim Finn - Escapade, Big Canoe, Tim Finn & Before & After
Neil Finn - Try Whistling This, One Nil
Finn Brothers - Finn & Everyone Is Here
Other Enz

7 Worlds Collide video
Ok, I'll try this:

Crowded House
Crowded House - cassette & CD
Temple of Low Men - LP & CD (maybe on cassette too, I've put all my cassettes away)
Woodface - CD
Together Alone - CD
Recurring Dream - with & without bonus disc, CD
Afterglow - CD
Farewell to the World
Time On Earth - with & without (Neil autographed) bonus DVD

CH singles - all cd unless indicated
I Feel Possessed + Byrdhouse - cassette. This is a rare one; a batch were released with the cover art printed upside down
Chocolate Cake - autographed & unautographed
Four Seasons in One Day
Weather With You - double pack (one has Byrdhouse, the other has FAYF, When you Come & Walking on the Spot)
Fall At Your Feet
Its Only Natural
Its Only Natural digipack (Recurring Dream, BBHS, Hole in the River, I Walk Away)
Private Universe - includes TA lyric book
Locked Out - autographed. inc fold-out poster
Locked Out - unautographed
Locked Out - cassette, unsealed
Nails In My Feet - autographed
Distant Sun - parts 1 & 2 - part 2 autographed
Pineapple Head
Not The Girl You Think You Are
Everything Is Good For You
Don't Stop Now

Fanclub CDs
Newcastle Jam
Spooky Vibrations
Back On The Bus
Neil Finn live in UK

Finn Bros
Finn - autographed
Won't Give In cd single
Everyone Is Here - autographed

Neil Finn
Try Whistling This
Rest of the Day Off - autographed
One Nil
7 Worlds Collide

Tim Finn
Big Canoe - cd
Tim Finn - LP
Persuasion - cd single
Before & After
Imaginary Kingdom

Split Enz CD
Mental Notes
I Got You - 25th Anniversary edition
The Living Enz
See Ya Round
Split Enz boxed set (gold & silver)
ENZSO vol's 1 & 2

Schnell Fenster
Ok Alright A Huh Oh Yeah - cd

DVD / Video
Dreaming The Videos - dvd
Farewell to the World video + bonus concert t-
Farewell to the World - double DVD
7 Worlds Collide
CH Live at the Corner Hotel (Nov 1996)
Best of Split Enz

Live, Interviews etc - cassette
CH live at State Theatre, Sydney 17.3.92 & 18.3.92
CH live The Concert Series 10.11.91 (Sydney radio) - don't remember which one)
CH live Martin Place, Sydney 17.2.94 from 2JJJ
CH live 4 Cities in One Day - 16.5.97 2JJJ
Neil Finn & Eddie Rayner on Rocksat 29.11.89
CH on Rocksat 22.8.91
CH live Ausmusic Concert Sydney Entertainment Centre 24.11.90
CH Live at Selinas, Sydney 9.8.91
CH on Live At The Wireless 2JJJ 12.8.91
CH - The J Files 2JJJ 27.6.96
CH live on 2DayFM Sydney 2.12.96

That's all for now, I have to go out but I'll finish my cassetts & vinyl catalogues later Smiler

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