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I have the application form for joining the Frenz club out of the tour program booklet. The only problem is, I do not really want to tear up the booklet just to get the application form out. Don't really want to ruin the pic on the page before it {ie- pic is on page 33 and application is on page 34.} Frowner It does say on the application that a copy can be used. Does anyone out there know if a PHOTOCOPY of the original form is legal enough to use? Confused After Sept. 11th 2001, this has cast doubt in my mind on what is considered legal and what isn't acceptable. Thank you.

For a $10Aust. joining fee for this year only, {plus the 4X 50c stamps} I am certainly not going to pass this opportunity up. Next year's renewal... well, that will just have to wait and see. Smiler
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Originally posted by Mrs Horse Pants:
I don't think that photocopying the application form for the fan club will compromise national security. Please someone correct me if I'm wrong. Big Grin

I'm also sure that no one expects anybody to take a pair of scissors to their tour program!

So long as you are "alert, but not alarmed!" Eeker
Or is it the other way round??!! Confused

Good for you Nfaddict! You'll be glad you did. I am sure you can just pop into your local library, & real off a copy using their photocopier. Or you can hunt down a Colour Photocopier if you want to "get all fancy like"

Right, as you were people. Alert, alarmed, or perhapse both. Smiler
The only reason that I was "unsure" about this was because thanks to what happened in the US, some things that used to be "acceptable" are no longer legal. Some things can still be legally photocopied. Smiler However, many things carry a copywrite infrigement.Frowner
PG is too busy at the moment to be asking him about 'photocopying application forms for FRENZ'. I think that he has MORE IMPORTANT things to worry about at present. {ie- NZ leg of SE Reunion.Wink}
Like I said before, for $10Aust. membership fee for this year, I AM NOT GOING TO PASS THIS OPPORTUNITY UP! *EXCITED* Big Grin
I think in the small print of that page in the programme, it says that it's ok to copy the page, if you don't want to tear it out. & let's face it, it's such a beautiful programme, why would you. There's some great Frenz Fanclub only goodies that are awaiting Nfaddict, so copy away. It's really the only cure for addiction i'm affraid. Smiler
In response to Tracy and Seany from posts either above or on the opposite page: It says $10Aust in the Tour booklet but thanks for bringing this to my attention. And yes, it is a great booklet so there was no way in the world that I was going to tear it up anyway. Wink Yes it does say that you can copy it but it doesn't say WHAT was considered useful or useless.

As for the only cure for addiction, I've been thinking about joining for quite a while but was always slightly put off by the fact that before the tour there was always one member of SE that I didn't really like much. That soon changed during the SE show! Big Grin OOOH! I can't wait to get my hands on some of the club-only goodies.
I've just signed up for a life membership, managed to get one of the spots that was still available thanks to the divine PG getting back to me so quickly. I've been in the fan club for just over a year and it is fantastic - totally good value and peter has always been absolutely fantastic in answering any of my daft little queries.

From Texas Rose
I think he's secretly cloned himself

lol. just imagine Ailsa Craig full of cloned PG's all busy answering emails, stuffing & licking envelopes and answering phones whilst the one and only original tucks into some yummy choc mousse and has drinks on the verandah Big Grin
Shivers! PG must have some kind of 'MAGICAL HELPERS'Razzer
I sent the club application in last week and recieved a club acceptance email from PG little under 48hrs later!Big Grin Whew! I was not expecting it to be so quick. PG is more of a machine. You'd have to be to handle the workload that he does.
PS- To anyone wishing to join the club and doesn't want to destory any tour booklets, photocopies ARE acceptable. Thankyou everyone for your help.Wink
Greatfox, you beat me to it about framing the picture. I received my stuff late this afternoon as well. I spent a good part of the evening eyeing off old frames around the house trying to decide which one to put it in. Smiler Just have to wait about a week before I can remove the signed picture from a heavy dictionary coz it arrived all bent in the corners.Frowner Hopefully the dictionary is heavy enough to flatten it out abit.Smiler
Already set my sights on some of the goodies on the club order sheet.Big Grin
Only problem now is deciding what to send away for Cool!

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