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Thanks both for your replies. I have sent a copy to Neil's management. Wish me luck!

Please see below the synopsis. Fairly simple but I found it very emotional to write so hopefully that will come through, and of course, packed with fabulous Neil Finn/Crowded House songs. I really enjoyed writing it. It would be unbelievably inspiring to be able to put it on somewhere and that's my aim for the next step in the script's life as it were. Again, here's hoping....Thanks again, Lionel



Essentially it's a love story. (I suppose what else could it be with Neil's wonderful songs and the genre?) Australian boy meets English girl at a party in Sydney. They move in together but the relationship falters as her depression and homesickness escalate. They split up and she leaves to return to England to family and friends, but all is not as she thought she had left it. After some time apart, he decides he will risk all and go to England to see her. This is initially disasterous but he refuses to give in and they finally decide to give it another try, a little older and maybe wiser than before. A happy ending ensues (tinged with a little melancholy, of course!)



Very intriguing.  Lionel, just out of curiosity, what experience do you have with writing and producing musicals?  There must be a ton of work involved in making something like this happen.  The Poor Boy musical used a lot of Tim Finn songs and Tim was very involved in the process of crafting the story and selecting the songs.  It was lead by playwright Matt Cameron, who had previously written a number of award winning Australian plays and was also involved in creating and writing for several successful Australian TV shows.  I assume you probably have similar credentials, would you mind sharing them with us? 

Hi there, I'm afraid I don't have the level of experience to which you refer. This is the first musical I've written. I've experience in writing plays, books and other materials, and performed in plays and in bands etc but musicals had not inspired me before. But I think it must have been the depth of Neil's/Crowded House's songs that got me started. I'm not sure of my original inspiriation exactly but I know that was at the heart of it. Once I started I just couldn't stop. It completely gripped me for a while. Thanks for the reference to Poor Boy. I haven't seen it. Is it available anywhere? Thanks again for your interest. Lionel

In my opinion a Crowded House musical or stage performance could only be a comedy, and never really serious.

An idea I have is, ACDC end up opening for Crowded House because they did make their 5th album and a 6th and 7th and they outsold ACDC and Michael Jackson.....and of course, then Jesus came back without any computer enhancement technology (laughing out loud...)

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