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One of the first acts of the iTunes Festval in London this summer is finally up for purchase on the UK site. 6 songs for 1.99 (can't do pound sign) is reasonable for sure. Track listing is:

1.Distant Sun
3.Heaven That I'm Making
4.Locked Out
5.Silent House
6.Something So Strong

I am off to listen. Will check Cdn and US iTunes sites as well.
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With all respect to Jeffcoop here is a mini review.

Sound is great. Especially in iTunes plus. Performances are really strong too. Full organ used on DDIO instead of the plastic version used by Mark on the tour adds a nice touch to a song I am sure we all have lots of versions of. Best song IMHO is Distant Sun, though none are bad.

What is missing is the banter. As the songs have been taken out of context of a larger show it had to go I guess, but it is sorely missed. Maybe I have been spoiled by Kufala recordings but hearing the crowd count Neil in on DDIO and a couple of words spoken just as other songs start show the banter was there originally.

At 1.99 a bargain for sure.

Sadly not on US or CDN sites yet. I will save my rant on the paucity of CH music on the CDN site for another time...
Well 6 or 7 of the other acts have made it onto the US and CDN sites so hopefully CH will make it as well.

I have a friend who sends me the iTunes scratch card codes so I can buy from the UK site here in Canada. I do the same with the US as each site has a very different catalog of music. Paypal makes it easy to do. It gives me the thrill of getting around iTunes rules while also allowing me to legally pay for the music... I am a low level rebel.

If you don't know anyone in the UK I have heard of the cards being sold on Ebay as well.

I am working on a connection in NZ so I can get a copy of Liam's album.

Good Luck!

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    All times London, UK.

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