When people only seem to know Something So Strong when you mention Crowded House. Like saying to a Rush fan you know Tom Sawyer. Neil Finn is a master of the human condition, and I'm convinced there is nothing he couldn't make right with a song. It bothers me that so many don't appreciate this band, dismiss them as "oh, I remember that song". Well, what about all the endless treasures since then?


It's rare, even on-line these days, to come across someone who gets just how important CH/Finn really is. This man and this band should be world-famous stars who can't sell enough tickets to shows (they gotta do 10 shows at this or that stadium because 8 were not enough to meet demand). Who have influence that is quoted by those less talented. It is a crime that there are "musicians" making a killing with no talent to speak of when this group sweats more talent sleeping then others will ever know.


That is all.


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Hey DBA I've known that feeling... I think its even worse when people boil it down to the guys who did that song "Heeyyyy Nowww, Heyyyy Nowwwww" as if they were just another one-hit-wonder from 30 years ago.

Its possible that I make that same mistake when referring to other "bands" I'm not too familiar with like Ace of Base or Black Box or Right Said Fred... maybe they all have fervent followers who think they've put out their own treasures in some form.

Having said that, just put your mind at ease by seeing Neil & Co. as the best kept secret in the music world, and we are among the lucky few that "get it".


Unfortunately its so world wide that few days ago I even started to look for CH on list of "one hit wonders" on one Croatian radio station, I was really affraid to find them there. Luckily, no one so "smart" didnt put them there. Probably cause they consider CH as two hits wonders: DDIO and WWY

What bothers me is when somebody yells "FIRE"!! In a crowded theater - FIRST DATE, guys! Impression city! That's what's at stake, and here's this jackass, yelling fire, and he's the first one to the emergency exit - opens the door, steps to the side to make sure everyone's getting outside fine; look. I want to make it clear: there are at least three other ways out, two emergency, two back into the lobby and so far, not the faintest whiff of smoke.[/u] Yet everyone's piling towards this [i]one guy's emergency door, and there's a huge pileup because each person fleeing the scene, for some god damned reason, insists on stopping and shaking my hand. 


Last one out - you guessed it, the date. She and I just went back to our seats and finished watching Avengers 2 in privacy pronounced, "PRIV a see." Those fu*king annoying pis*ante te*nagers were gone though, and we had the please to ourselves so naturally, we took the best seats in the middle and proceeded to simultaneously re-enact the rest of the movie using enthusiastic "literal video" pantomime and hand gestures (plus available props). It really bothers me. That guy's a dick. Charge him with a crime - you can't do THAT in this country, whatever you Antipodeleors pass for downstairs (planet-wise) on the human-rights-and-obligations score! It doesn't matter where you live or whichever either side of the world you balance from, on your desktop globe in the study, with the lead pipe, where you live at home. What a shi*-hole, honestly. Wherever you are, that kind of conduct is either imperissable, unconscionable, gravely, or both. 




EDIT: She was hollering Crowded House songs during the quiet parts. Hence the relevance. Topic-wise.  

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