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Sad to say that tomorrow is the end of the tour.

Mind you, what better place than the RAH ?

I am sure they could play anything and we would love it BUT.......

What would you most like to hear ?

Is there anything that has not been played yet on this tour that would just complete it for you ? Or perhaps something they have already played but you want to hear it again before they go away to record ?

Dont forget, with every new album they have to compromise on what they can play next time round.

I think for me it will always be Fingers Of Love. Great big vibey version.

I am happy to say that i was there at the Thekla (the start of the campaign) and i shall be there at the RAH (the end of the campaign).

Full circle.

"I'm so excited, and i just cant hide it. I'm about to lose........"

You get my point

The Stoat
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It's kind of an obvious choice, given that I've just kicked off a new thread by championing this song -- but oh, what I'd give to hear the Crowdies play "You Can Touch."

Neil has always said it's one of his favourites, so I'm mystified he hasn't dusted off the mothballs and given it a fresh airing on this tour. And just think what His Funkiness, Max Shredder, could do to it with his drumkit ...
just thought of another one, and someone just started a thread about it, and its a song i didnt hear at my 2 gigs...

on the FTTW extras and elsewhere, Paul named Into Temptation as the song that meant the most to him... and of course now we can see an extra depth to that resonance...

so what say they play that song at the Albert Hall, the venue where Neil played so soon after Paul's passing... at the end of the band's first tour since he left us?

wouldn't that be an immensely moving moment?
Originally posted by alucidor:
Another vote for You Can Touch - or Catherine Wheels, with a good long loud jam - all the Together Alone songs have been sounding so good.

And, just to be greedy:
Audience singalong: Gentle Hum
Cover song: Simon and Garfunkel's Homeward Bound
Lost Island - for all of us who love it Smiler

Having actually heard the ones I really wanted to hear (although I could happily hear them again) for something different (and not covered so far I think) Catherine Wheels for me too!
My money is on "Stare me Out" because from the front of the barricade at the very First Show of the tour (Corner Hotel, Melbourne) I pestered Neil for a written request for it which I held just inches from his monitor. He spied the sign early on and graciously responded, explaining that the tuning required was "a headache for the techs, maybe we'll rehearse it and then do it before the end of the tour, how's that?..." so Neil, here's your big chance... Big Grin Seriously though... it's gonna be beaut no matter what they play. Just hope someone has the foresight to capture it for posterity. Thanks for a great tour guys.
You know what, I really don't mind what they play. I have seen a great number of bands over the last 30 years and I have to say that a Finn Brothers/Neil Finn/ Crowded House concert is unlike seeing any other band. The boys really do seem like they are having fun whatever they play. They have such a great body of songs to choose from that anythinhg they play will be enjoyable. Saw them last week in Bournemouth and it was great. Also saw the Albert Hall show in 2005 just after Paul passed on and I am not such any concert will ever come close to being as emotional as that night!

Having said all that I will be really disapointed if they don't play Into Temptation. Smiler


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