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Isn't the world a small place. I was travelling through New Zealand a few months back on one of those tour bus companies (called Stray). Anyway we stoped in this town/hamlet/couple of houses on the South Island called Barrytown. If anyone knows this place it consists of 2 houses, 1 of which was the pub I was staying in!

Anyway I was in the bar with friends drinking the rather good Kiwi lager (Speights) and on the music channel one of Neil Finn's songs from the 2001 Auckland gigs came on (I think it was Their Is a Light That Never Goes Out). I rushed over to the TV to see the video (never seen it) and the bar owner says 'you know Neil Finn?', in a rather surprised tone. Well answering that his one of my favourite musicians he proceded to tell me that he only used to go to school with both Neil and Tim at Sacred Heart's College and used to be good friends with the boys!!!

Well as you can imagine I was somewhat shocked and proceded to speak to the guy for the rest of the night. He had some rather amusing stories, which I won't go into, but remembered them as being very down to earth. It turns out a couple of months before he had gone to a 30th school reunion where Tim and Neil had performed a few tracks out the blue, which capped off a fun night.

As a Brit in a country of 60 million people I was absolutely shocked. I mean what are the chances of meeting someone who went to school with one of your musical inspirations??? The world can be a really small place at times!!! But hey I guess New Zealand is a pretty small country.

See ya


ps for anyone whose not been to New Zealand - get there, its such a beautiful place and the people really friendly
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Yeah, sometimes it can be certainly small.

For example, I am a Spanish guy who has probably been near your hometown. From January to April this month I've spent 2 weeks in sweet Totnes and 2 and a half months in busy Plymouth.

I also went to Princetown, Torquay (girls!!!) Dartmouth, Seaton, Exeter, Newton Abbot, Honiton, Paignton (the Zoo!), Tavistock. Any of this your hometown?

PS: Hey we wanna hear those secret stories the barman told you, c'mon share!! It's our idol too!!
New Zealand's full of people who went to school with Neil and Tim, or know them in other ways. You're right, it's just not that big a country Smiler Of course you're more likely to find them in Auckland, but Sacred Heart is a boarding school as well as taking day boys (I know, as my father went there... left the year before Tim Finn arrived, as it happens). It's also a school its alumni speak of with some pride, which is the other reason people talk about it (not just the Finns!)

Actually I can tell similar stories about living in Melbourne, Australia (a town with a similar population to the whole of NZ), and meeting someone who knew the reclusive Phil Judd (this was long before he popped up on this forum)... needless to say, I was impressed.
Hey Raul,

You should have told us that you were going to be in Devon this year....I've just returned from spending a lovely week down there (pasties & cream teas....yes!!). You, me and Wilich - we could have had a great chat about the Finns' music over a few beers.

PS: I have a feeling that this topic will soon be moving to All I Ask, so I'll see you over there! Smiler
WOW Devon is becomming the cosmopolitan centre of England Confused . Can't complain as its not a bad place to live really and Raul you did indeed past through my hometown of Newton Abbot, well I live in a quaint little village nearby. Have to say mate I think you summarised Torquay quite well as thats where I work and I often have, well err, problems focussing Smiler Bit of a social capital, especially during the summer when I think you'd probably one of many continental Europeans to visit the 'English Riveria'! On a side note, does anyone know if either Neil, Tim or anyone else from Frenz has played down here? OK small place but sure they would get a good reception

Hey I'm sure the Finns will tour the UK sometime in the next year or so for the new album(come on they have gotta -PLEASE!!!) and hopefully they'll visit Bristol. We could all go to the gig and have a few beers afterwards which would be cool Cool Actually I have a confession to make, never seen either of them in the UK, only ever in Australia. The last time I saw an Australian/Kiwi band in the UK was Powderfinger at Shepherds Bush in London, and I think I was the only pomme in the entire audience Cool Needless to say I felt special!!!

Isn't the world getting smaller when we can organise a little get together in virtual space Smiler Ah you have got to love the impact of music!!!

See ya


Can you imagine that
An itch too sensitive to scratch
The light that falls through the cracks
An insect too delicate to catch
"Fingers of Love'
Ah the land of cream teas.......just got back from rainy cornwall up the road myself. No doubt when the Finns grace this country with their prescence meets will be organised b4 gigs wherever they turn up. Even if its a one off thing in London I for one will walk over broken glass and then salt to be there. Beers sounds good Big Grin
Hey Raul, I was just in Totnes at the weekend...& camping in a field near Brixham! (first time I've been to Devon)
I noticed there were a few Spanish peeps in Totnes...I think there is a language school?
There was a rather nice veggie restaurant too.

View of the river Dart from my tent. Smiler

Me at a certain place in Torquay, lots of caves.(on a good day this is how I really look) Big Grin
Hey guys

Your right there is a language school in Totnes. Actually there are LOTS of them, everywhere in the area. You should see Torquay at the night Smiler its full of language school students, which is nice as its a very pretty place. Hey if the Neil & Tim tour next year we should sign a petition to get them down the south-west, yeah that would be cool, they could experience the land of cream teas and Cornish pasties (proper Cornish pasties Big Grin )Although having said that I'm moving to Nottingham in a month, so yeah I'm up for a beer in London post-gig bliss

Lisa you know when I was recently in New Zealand I begged, absolutely begged, the bus driver on my bus to make a detour (like 30 minutes) to visit TeAwamutu. Apparently the place has this musuem which is half Maori culture and half The Finns. People say its that in British teams its like visiting a musuem which houses the Crown Jewels and a Freddie Mercury exhibition Smiler OK so the bus driver was not a fan of Frenz and wouldn't relent, but it gives me a very very good reason to go back. It's meant to be well worth the visit. But hey the world is a small place, tis only a matter of time before we all get there Cool

Better get to bed

Hey Awamutu some powerful words there. There is nothing wrong with being philosophical or serious at all, infact i think people don't think about things like philosophy and ethics often enough. Which brings me to my point Big Grin

MUSIC, well isn't it weird that every culure in the world embraces music in different ways through different means. Yet, Wink here is a collection of individuals spanning the globe from different backgrounds, religions and viewpoints all who have a common love of good music by a talented collection of individuals. Makes you think about the ability of music to bring people together and ease tensions, difficulties and problems.

OK we could view it this way. I've found out that a surprising number of Frenz fans seem to know/live in Devon/Cornwall Wink Razzer Confused Eeker AND when the Finns next tour (come on guys over here next year - PLEASE) some of us should indeed be able to get together to enjoy the music and have a few beers.

Actually I was wondering, who out there among the friends of the Enz is from a place where we haven't heard from yet? Wouldn't it be great if we could represent the world through the Finns music, almost do a world tour Cool Makes you think about what we all have in common and the impact as a whole of music on our lives and friendships.

So indeed, isn't the world a small place


ps can't remember the name of the pub, was in a place called Barrytown on the South Island. Can't miss it as it's the only pub there!!!!
Here's an example of small world-ishness. My sister and I had visited my dad in Abu Dhabi and on the plane home we start talking to the fellow behind us, a Saudi national. Turns out that he is going to the university that my sister just graduated from the year before (ASU Tempe), lives in the building that she lived in off campus and had lived there when she went there, and knows a whole bunch of her friends. Weird how you can live in the same building as someone and never meet them until you are half way around the world...
Hi Seeing Red I'm also in Scotland near Aberdeen, which particular part of the sticks are you in?

Back on topic I had quite an experience of small worldishness recently. I registered with friends reunited and got an e mail from a guy I'd been in junior school with and hadn't seen since. We caught up with all our news and when he found out where I'm now living he told me his sister lives in the same village. It turns out that I've known her and her kids for some time, we even spent New Year at the same party at which another school friend turned up. Now it gets even better, my friends sister rushes up to me at School a few weeks later and tells me that we have another connection, her sister is going out with my brother in law. So I've known each of them completely independently and never realised they were even related.
Yeah guys,

Schools of languages, two in Totnes. When I went there I met nearly all the international students of Totnes, and you know what, none of them knew Crowded House!!
I used to aproach to them and say:

If you answer YES to this question you'll probably be one of my best friends, if you say NO then you'll be just another one of the bunch.
Do you like or at least know Crowded House or Neil Finn?

Maybe they were scared of me, but they all said no!

Hey, I'm from a place most of you know but nobody has been to: Pamplona. C'mon! the Running of the Bulls, it's international, anybody wanna come over?
Hi and Welcome, Seeing Red!! Continuing on this thread, you and I were at the same Neil Finn show! I love this crazy place!!

You know, I was thinking......I've seen on other Forums maps where people get a virtual push-pin and get to pinpoint where they are. Wouldn't that be great for us?? I'm a geography freak, and I think it would be really neat to map out the Finn's exposure on the globe!! Anybody else know what I'm talking about? I'll try to do some research and find it....

Hey Gen that's a damn good idea Big Grin I'm also a bit of a geography freak (err did a degree in it Roll Eyes ) and think the idea of mapping out the Finns fan base would be so cool. I know that there is a GIS system which could seriously be used to do this. Unfortunately I don't have the system but if anyone else does it would work.

Hey on a seperate note Heidi i may eventually come over to Pittsburg if I get this job I'm applying for. That would be cool Big Grin

Actually we could draw this map up and show it to Peter, yeah that would be amusing. Hey the Finns may even tour near to where the members are! Yeah talk about the fans bringing the artist to them!!!


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