I was just on the elliptical and my spotify shuffle played "Not The Girl" right after "Second Nature" and the similarities between the two songs struck me.

Is the girl in "Not The Girl" the same girl riding the Vespa with her boyfriend in "Second Nature"? 

Just an interesting possibility ...

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Well if it is, she's changed her mode of transport, but not her dependence on men to take her from A to B.

I can see what you're saying, they are similar enough in that they both have the "so much to worry about" vs. "just go with the flow" dynamic, and the guy comes off pretty well.

That's where the similarities end for me, because I think the tone and focus are completely different, but then again it's Neil projecting his favourite aspect of melancholy onto other people, so there's bound to be some similar imagery in songs.

I think there should be a third one, in which she starts a relationship with a train conductor, which leads to a much more environmentally friendly way of getting around, she rips her ex-boyfriend's hairnet off, sticks her head through the open window (to hell with regulations!) and lets her hair blow in the wind. With apocalyptic overtones and a ray of hope at the end.

[Now where has that bottle of Chardonnay gone that I opened an hour ago?]

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