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Does anybody know the open tuning Neil uses for Iris? Open C#? Chords too would be great.

I've seen the official tabs (D B7 C D E etc) and although they may be technically right, they just don't sound like what he's playing.

BTW, are there any other Enz tunes that he uses open tuning on?

Just starting to get into this opening tuning stuff.
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i'd like to know as much as you would, john.

the problem is that the only guitar part that would give us a clue is the intro/chorus. (i can only hear keyboards during the verse, and the bridge parts can be played in almost any tuning at all) here's my flailing guess on that

tuning: Eb Ab Db Gb A Eb

1 3---2--1-2---2-----1-------5----
2 -2-2-2-----2--2--0---0---4---4--
3 --2---2-----2--2--1---1-4-4---4-
4 0---------0-----0-------0-------

this way you can play form 4 sus 2 bar chords in the verse by fingering the minor chord:
Dsus2(x68876), Cbsus2(x35543),
Csus2(x46654) Dsus2(x68876) E(x x 10 10 11 13)
and on that last chord hammer on and pull off the suspension (x x 10 12 12 10)

Anybody got any better ideas?

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