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Well, I had one of those moments that restores my faith in music, esp that of the Finn's.
Having been a Finn fan since I Woodface (I was about 13 years old!) I grew up loving the Finns and all their music, seeing the Crowdies only once though, at their break up gig at Hanover Grand in London.
I've continued to buy all the records and even visited New Zealand to see my family and have a wander on Kare Kare beach, but the same youthful enthusiasm I had was not quire there anymore.
Still excited about the brothers playing in Ipswic, close to my home in Colchester, I took my Mum and sister, who also like the Finns, dwon to the show.
I don't know why I didn't get thsi vibe from the album, but to be honest, I hadn't been that overwhelmed by it. I loved Won't give in, but the album didn't quite do it for me and I kinda preferred FINN for its stripped down quality.
Well, for whatever reason, when Neil played Gentle Hum at Ipswich on friday, I though it was quite possibly th best sound I have ever heard in my life, and found myself welling up. Now I'm not one for getting all tired and emotional, and the last time I cried at a bit of music was at the end of the film Animalolympics when I was about 7.
Isn't it strange how music ctaches you off guard when you least expect it? Smiler
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Welcome to the Forum, Wright Brother! Glad to hear that you made the Ipswich gig a family event. Smiler

Isn't it strange how music catches you off guard when you least expect it?
I couldn't resist and had to respond to your question/musing. 'Gentle Hum' gets me every single time, darn it all! As much as I like the new album (but still not 100% bought in), 'Gentle Hum' at the end always makes me get all weepy. Human emotion is such an amazing thing, isn't it? You have to wonder at how past experiences, emotions, the right musical atmosphere, and mysterious parts of the brain fuse together to create such complex feelings. Not that I'm complaining, and I'll risk a lump in my throat and the potential for tears in public over a song that does nothing for me any day. Smiler

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