Well what a gig! let's start with the set list which went something like this (- think I've got the songs correct, possibly not the running order - bit difficult to get me hands on a set list from the balcony!) :-

Anything Can Happen
A Life Between Us
Six months in a Leaky Boat
Four Seasons
All God's Children
Angel's Heap
Nothing Wrong With You
Only Talking Sense
All The Colours
Gentle Hum
Edible Flowers
Won't Give In
How Will You Go?
Distant Sun
Part of Me, Part of You
Weather With You
It's Only Natural
I See Red
I Got You

Minnie Driver? Pleasant enough voice, decent band but the songs were totally lacking in hooks or anything memorable. She came across as very shy, eager to please, to the point of almost being apologetic for being there. She also ought to learn that if she wants to communicate with an audience she needs to both speak up and wait for the warm applause she received to die down.

To the main event - the Finns were just stunning. Superb musicianship, vocals and overall sound from the opening bars of Anything Can Happen right through to the dying chords of I got You. We had the usual audience singing in Four Seasons, Tim's unique style of dancing during Won't Give In/I See Red & even an impromptu version of The Girl from Ipanema before the first encore!

Great venue, although the crowd seemed a bit on the slow side to really get into things - no dancing until Distant Sun and, from my excellent view in row A of the balcony, all I could see was picture mobiles being held aloft (must have replaced lighters as the "must have" gig accessory for slower songs!) - more intent on capturing "the moment" than just enjoying. Good to see that the crowd were just left to throng the stage for the last few numbers.

Most moving moment, escecially to anyone who has lost a parent, was the intro. between the brothers to All the Colours.

All the songs from Everyone is Here sounded fantastic - live versions of the likes of Gentle Hum & Edible Flowers much better than on disc so I hope, as I've read in other threads, the shows are being filmed for DVD release.

No mention by the boys last night of a return to the UK next year as has been reported from other gigs on the tour - keeping everything crossed!

This was the third time I'd seen Neil live (Wembley '94/ Royal Albert Hall on the "Try Whistling This" Tour being the other 2 gigs). This was the best of the three and possibly one of the best gigs I've been priviledged to attend. Maybe it was the size of the venue but more likely simply down to the Brothers Finn - two supremely talented musicians who were like everyone at the Regent clearly having a ball.
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bit sad I know adding to your own thread when there's no other posts but.......CALLING ANYONE WHO WAS AT IPSWICH & this has been bugging me since Friday....during which song did Neil have to change his acoustic due to broken string/incorrect tuning?
You seem to have got the same set list as at the Cambridge gig. I love six months so it was heaven for me. However, the Notts gig was very different and no 6 months, but we got more songs, Jahny Marr and a very cheeky paid of Finns ! And a photo with Neil and 2 signed tickets by Neil & Tim so I guess that made up for the lack of a song ... Wish I'd been in Ipswich though ....
I was also at Ipswich, but I can't remember which song he was singing, sorry!

Can't really add much more except to say that it was a fantastic evening.

It was the third time I'd seen Neil (once at Wembley as part of Crowded House, and his last solo tour) and it was the best performance I've seen. There was a great mix of songs, old and new, and both he and Tim gave it their all.

Can't wait for the next tour!

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