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"Never Tear Us Apart", a miniseries of the INXS story will be coming to the 7 network (Australia.) I for one am looking forward to it, having been a big fan, until they tried to replace Michael Hutchense and with a reality show, no less! Michael was one of the guys I had on my wall and drew pictures of. I could tell a very spooky story involving him, but I'm a bit over being tagged the crazy one around here.
Luke Arnold will play Michael and X-Factor winner, Samantha Jade will make her acting debut as Kylie.
I hope they focus a bit on the rest of the band. I liked Tim Farris. He could have been the Tony Robbins of the music biz.
I would have liked to have seen a big screen movie, I think Michael deserves that. Then again, I'm broke, so at least I won't have to pay to see it.
A movie about the Finn brothers would be awesome, but I can't see it happening. Tim was asked in an interview about writing his memoirs. He said he enjoyed writing prose, but there were certain things he didn't want to share with the world. I have a little theory as to what some of those things might involve, but will keep stum about that too.

I would liken you

To a night without stars

Were it not for your eyes

To a sleep without dreams

Were it not for your songs (Langston Hughes)

What else is love for

But to leave you wanting more? (Tim Finn)

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I'm sure I'm not the only one round here to watch the 2 part series, even if you have all been busy with Dizzy Heights. I refuse to read any reviews, until I've heard it myself (broke again!) And btw, if a certain so-caled music journo, with the same initials as the Secret Service writes a review, I hope it doesn't end up on here. That man/thing is a pernicious influence, who turns fans against fans, but I digress...

I thought part 1 of Never Tear Us Apart was excellent. Luke Arnold had MH's moves and poses to a tee. I don't know who did the live singing, I'd imagine it came from old recordings. Samantha Jade was quite convincing as Kylie, in spite of her large breasts. The other band members (including Tim Farris) got plenty of attention. I loved the part where Andrew Farris had been developing the hooks of "Need You Tonight", had a tape ready for Michael and got in a cab for the airport. Just as they're about to drive off, Andrew has another flash of inspiration and asks the cabbie to wait, while he goes and puts it down.

My only criticism was that the actor playing Molly Meldrum didn't look or sound anything like the man. This is the 21st century, where amazing things can be done with latex, to make an actor look authentic. When I saw the portrayal of Bono in the second part, I burst out laughing. The actor looked nothing like him (apart from the hair and glasses) and I have heard more convincing Irish accents at a drunken party! Surely there weren't budgetary constraints?

Rock 'n' roll cliche or not, it was sad to see a star like Hutchence get messed up on drugs. Here was an artist who launched off his ability to connect with the audience, spun out in every way in front of all those thousands of fans. Was this the reason for the band's decline in popularity -or was it because they stood up to Chris "Money, Money, Money" Murphy (manager) about taking a break from their VERY hectic touring schedule, to spend time with their families?

I remember a member of INXS denouncing Midnight Oil for making the Australian Made tour of '86 lose money, by refusing to participate. He went on to say that the Oils had been "sitting around getting a tan", while INXS worked their backsides off. Oils fans were understandably upset, but what came thru loud and clear from the miniseries was that INXS on their way up were a VERY hard working band, a veritable machine!

I'm sure there are some Aussie frenz, who were among the 3 million viewers of the miniseries. Enough replies and I might just tell my spooky story.



It certainly did not please everyone: Always get 1 family member screaming FOUL when any biographical Telemovie is made.


Didn't watch it so can't judge it myself but do know for a fact that many storytellers when making these sorts of telemovies, will stretch the truth of fact to fit a particular pattern for entertainment purposes. Its called 'poetic licence'. 

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I was pretty cynical when I started watching it.  I am barely an INXS fan.  I really liked a couple tracks on Welcome to Wherever You Are, but that's about it.  I was a child of the 90's and INXS was a classic 80's band that tried and failed to make the transition from one decade to the next. 


Nevertheless, I found the movie surprisingly compelling and I learned some new things about INXS, the Australian music scene, and the music industry.  Not mention I learned a lot about Michael Hutchence, who was barely a celebrity in the US.  Clearly he was much more a household name in Australia and the UK. 


In the US Kick produced many hit singles, but the album was really seen as a one hit wonder and I don't recall any of their other albums coming anywhere close to it in population and sales.  By the time X came out, the sound of popular music was already moving on and "Suicide Blonde" did reasonably well as a single in the US, but it just wasn't going in the same direction as the rest of the pop charts.


So, I doubt this TV movie will ever make it to the US, but I hear they're trying to sell it to the UK.  It certainly brought me more appreciation of INXS and got me to go back and listen to some of their albums.  To me that means that it served its purpose.

Listen Like Thieves was the first CD I ever bought. After years of scratched up albums on a cheap system, hearing the intro to "What You Need" blasting out with CD clarity on my new system was almost a religious experience. Saw them live once, and up through X they were a favorite of mine. Not sure they would have made a comeback, but Hutchence's passing was tragic.

Forgive me if I'm wrong but is this not a forum about Split Enz and related acts? And there was a thread started about Michael Jackson the other day too. These should go in the other section at the bottom, not in the dedicated Finn sections. Please let's talk Finn etc up at the top here, Neil has a new album out, Liam has one coming out, rumoured Finn Bros, rumoured Crowded House...lots to talk about.

Well we are in the "All I Ask" section of the forum, but if we must bring the topic back around to Crowded House... Did anyone catch the band discussion in the INXS movie that included references to Crowded House?  Something about Crowded House getting a bigger dressing room than INXS at the charity concert that INXS headlined in Sydney.

Here's an article I came upon yesterday. It tells of MH's final hours. According to the 2 cops who investigated, it was and always has been an open-shut case of suicide. It was only Paula Yates who insisted that it was an accidental death, by means of auto-erotic asphyxiation. She must have had some clout, because when the news of MH's death came out, the word suicide was not used. It was the same when Jeff Buckley drifted out to sea, a classic, if not cliched method of suicide, yet no one wanted to say the word. When I think of the copy-cat suicides following Kurt Cobain's death, I  guess I understand.

I always thought that it must have been true love, the way MH did a complete turn-around about marriage and kids. I read somewhere else that Paula blackmailed him into it. Who knows? Michael's half sister slammed the miniseries for making their family look bad, saying that the whole thing was a "pathetic soap opera" full of untruths. "Never let the truth get in the ways of a good yarn!", said Chopper Reed.

Now, my spooky story, which is unfortunately true: I was 13 and admitted to a private psych clinic, with anorexia nervosa. The smiling shrink, who got me in had said nothing of what I would be in for. Pressure was on me to put on 9kg, which terrified me. The matron, whose job it was to weigh me every morning, treated me like a spoiled little rich sh!t. When I asked/told her not to be so patronising, she berated me for fighting the "good people", who were trying to save my life. I was being abused at home and bullied at school, reasons why I had readily agreed to go to hospital. Now I felt trapped and cornered, with only 1 way out.

I had a thick leather belt, which I wore all the time to keep my pants up. These days it would have been taken away from me, not back then and I'm sure y'all can guess the rest. Close to the door where I hung the belt was a huge mirror. Rather than watch my face turn blue, I directed my attention to my pin-up of MH, with long flowing hair, posed with his beloved Harley. See you later, spunk!, I was thinking, when all of a sudden, I saw a vision of him in the mirror, with a belt around his neck! I freaked out a bit and stopped what I was doing. I put it down to oxygen deprivation and thought nothing of it until all those years later, when I heard of how he died. 

I was confused, because there was no way I could have saved him, so WHY, WHY, WHY? Maybe he saved me that night. I never even thought of going to the media, that would have been the height of tackiness. Enough about that!

Steve, Listen Like Thieves was the 1st INXS album I bought (on cassette) and "Never Tear Us Apart" the only vynl single I ever bought. I should have held onto it, as it had a non-standard edition B-side. INXS and Queen were my 2 favourite bands for most of my teenage years and they both lost their lead singer, before I ever got to see them live.

I toyed with the notion of seeing INXS, with JD Fortune, as I had heard good reports, but the Sydney show sold out and I really don't like Newcastle. I think the whole Rockstar INXS reality show stank of greed and desperation. The not-so fortunate JD Fortune ended up living in his car.

I saw the remaining INXS members on some talent show, performing a slowed-down version of "New Sensation", with a female singer. I'm thinking, come on, you guys, that song was a hit because it made people dance!

Said it before and I'l say it again: Michael, 

There will never be another quite like you

And I miss that thing you do.

See you in Rock,n,Roll Heaven!

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