So, yes, hello *waves*. I'm not terribly good at introduction posts, you might be able to tell.

Essentially I'm what you might call a "born again" CH fan, in that I liked the band aaaages ago and then sort of drifted off for some reason (I have no idea). And then recently, for some other reason (again, I have no idea) I started listening again with vigour. And when I say "vigour" I mean "listening to practically nothing else but CH and various Finn projects".

Which has led me here. So, yes...I think that's me introduced. *waves again*
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Fáilte Megan, your story sounds very familiar. There have been a few people join recently with a similar journey - I'm thinking of Eudoxia and TruTwisty.

I can relate to your "vigour" comments, in that I've listened to practically nothing else but Finn music for the past 20 years. Luckily there's lots of it to listen to - once you get through all the studio albums, there's a wealth of live stuff available, possibly more than any other band.

Anyway, have fun and dive into any discussion you feel like, we're a friendly bunch.

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