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I noticed Intriguer has gone from Spotify, in both standard and deluxe version. Doesn't seem to be on Amazon either, so I guess it's been taken off all digital platforms. All the other albums are still available, in both original and remastered version. Anyone any idea what might have happened to Intriguer?

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brownie posted:

Intriguer may be gone, but this is still here:


Which to me, is better than what ended up on Intriguer, and one of the best Neil Finn compositions/performances of all time.



Has there ever been a thread to determine just how many significantly different versions of Twice If You're Lucky existed from 2008-10? Personally, I think THIS is the best incarnation of TIYL that I've heard:

IMO this is the most warmly emotive atmosphere they have captured since Together Alone, right up there with something like Private Universe. The random Kinks improvisation is a fun little bonus.

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