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Jaffaman posted:

It's in the original mix.

I can't figure out how to properly reply but I'm curious Jaffaman, any idea of what Dizzy Heights songs were around in the period when they would have been recording for the 7th album (not counting afterglow)? Strangest Friends was actually one of my least favorite DH songs but I love the CH version.

I also much prefer the alternative version of Archer's Arrows. It has an energy that the finished version lacks (although the final version has a better/more complete chorus). 

Neil does seem to have gone out of his way to (subconsciously) sabotage this album. By that, I don't mean he intended to, just that the decisions that were made regarding arrangements and track selection don't seem to have done the sessions/songs a service.

Clearly, The Intriguer was more active than even Neil thought

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I've been listening through the bonus disc again and I have to say (a touch sheepishly) that I now prefer the album version of Saturday Sun 

Besides the vastly superior middle 8, the whole song just has a much better atmosphere and it's not like the vocals are distorted beyond recognition.

Also, I have listened to the alternate Archer's Arrows from my best effort at an objective point of view and I can't stand it. It lacks almost all of the beautiful moments that make the album version so good, most notably the piano arpeggios and lovely strings in the chorus. I also don't like the lyrics, but I think that's only because I'm used to something close but not quite the same.

I know I'm coming to this discussion late, but it was six months (no jokes!) until we were able to pick up the deluxe discs from our shipping point in Australia.  About those final few songs, all from the Nick Launey sessions (I presume) .... I understand "Two Minutes of Silence", and even "Nonsense of Course" (the first half of the final bonus CD track), but only recently figured out the existence of the "easter egg", an early version of "Strangest Friends", which is the extra bit tagged onto the end of that final track.  Well, then, what exactly is "Harken Angels"?

Did I miss something?  Sorry if this already has come up ... cheers!

Jaffaman posted:

'Harken Angels' was a track Neil considered for the Deluxe Edition. It's from the Nick Launay sessions. At the eleventh hour, Neil decided on different tracks. Somehow, that track name has slipped through on the US site. The audio's certainly not available.

This makes sense ... basically, it's a typo on the Web site, but at least it didn't appear on the album packaging.

While I have the chance, thank you so much, Jaffaman, for your efforts on these deluxe editions.  After being delayed actually hearing these CD reissues for so long, and after taking nearly a month to hear them all, the treasure you've assisted in curating is evident and greatly appreciated.  I know you've been interviewed about your work, needled on background details from the sessions (and formats and snippets), but let me offer (again) that your contributions on the recordings and your generous comments in this forum have been invaluable.

I've so many thoughts on the CDs but will reserve them in the interest of space.  For the reissues of the studio albums, though, these versions are revelations compared with my older/original CDs.  The bonus discs are fantastic in different ways.  (FYI, it was a hoot to scan images from those beautiful booklets to use as track artwork for the bonus discs!)  It's been a pleasure to cover thirty years of the band's history across these past few weeks.  I only could wish for more.  Thanks again!

Finfan posted:

After all this time this has become my fave of the Deluxe versions. Thanks Jaffa man for your excellent efforts. It's stayed the case that Disc 2 is my fave of all the bonus discs. Genius choices. Thank you!

Completely agree. The Leigh songs, the alt version of Archers, the post-Intriguer tracks... bliss. 

Close second for TOLM, but mostly because I want a proper live compilation.


Been absent for a long time from these boards now: plus with a fair amount of digestion time.... I think the basic problem was Intriguer ended up overworked and overcooked.  The initial 2008 tour should really have been the album.  If i remember rightly Neil was looking to make the takes from the live recordings to use at a later date.  Whether that proved impossible to do?

Those songs on the initial shows in Leigh Sawmills shows in New Zealand were generally not the best versions ... Twice If You're Lucky; Either Side of the World; 789 (superior to the Intriguer); Isolation; Falling Dove and Amsterdam (the first Australian performance with the play-out is a doozy!) were superior having been played in that bit more.  I think political correctness should have been done away with on Turn It Around; live it was stirring and fabulous with a great contribution from Don McGlashan; however, in the studio it became stilted.  Saturday Sun is scarcely the best song in the Crowded House repetoire; would have been nice to have the acoustic version (Amp fm? or something like that!?!) with Neil and Nick as I reckon that to be about the best version.

Two Minutes of Silience is a masterwork in my opinion; different in a good way and Strangest Friends moves better than on Dizzy Heights.  Perhaps this should have been a 3 cd lol.

@Possessed7 posted:

Does anyone else hear/have a glitch at 3.22 in 'God Lives...'? Or is it a glitch?

@Jaffaman posted:

It's in the original mix.

Whew, I'm glad these discussions are archived ... I just listened to (my rip of) the Intriguer Deluxe bonus disc today, and heard the glitch in the song.  Threw me for a while, until I looked in this forum, reassuring myself that, yeah, the glitch has been there all along.  Cheers!

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