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I was looking through YT when I came across this: (Twilight/Into Temptation)

Now I'm no Twihard, (in fact me and my daughter call it "Toilet" and find it all very funny) but when I saw this, it occurred to me what a massive song Into Temptation would have been if it had been picked up by the film's producers and used on the soundtrack.

Anyway just a thought....
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Yep, it's truly ghastly, B movie stuff, all intense, smoldering looks and no sex (not before marriage anyway) and I'm so grateful my daughter hasn't fallen for it.

Regardless, the Saga's soundtracks, are absolutely chock full of indie and rock bands such as Muse, Iron and Wine, Radiohead etc. proving that getting onto the soundtrack of a major movie franchise must be great exposure to wider,new audiences. The 13-30 years old that lap up Twilight also love the music and everything that goes with it.

Now, we've already seen CH and the Finn Brothers have their music used on certain tv shows such as House and Scrubs, but (and I'm happy to be corrected here) I can't recall them getting onto many film soundtracks and certainly no real big franchises.

I believe Recurring Dream was on the Tequila Sunrise soundtrack and I think Locked Out was on a film soundtrack but I can't remember the name of the film. If anyone can think of any others let me know. They certainly have never been linked in with anything as massive as Twilight.

If anyone is interested here is a good article about rock/pop music on tv/film soundtracks.

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