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What are your interpretations for the line from "Where Is My Soul?" especially the line
"Oh Holy Ancient, I'll smoke you up...
I'll take your wisdom and I'll turn it into dust...
You fill my ashtray, the one I've come to trust."

It's one I've puzzled over that lyric for awhile now, and I'd love to know what y'all think...
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This line is crystal clear to me. It shows that the brothers don't believe in religion. When they turn the wisdom of the holy ancients into dust, they'll smoke it up as "it" meaning nothing, and that fills their ashtrays of what they trust.
But what about....there goes god
'Id like to believe that there is a god...'
'...I stood on a cliff, as if I was protected...'

and 'the Lord is in the kitchen' (I think it says that?? Wink from anyone can tell....
Im pretty sure,in some capacity they do beleive in God, though I dont think, where is my soul is talking about this at all.......
well theres my 2c worth,

Neil's old quote of being a "lapsed catholic" does not mean he is not spiritually inclined. It may just mean that he does not subscribe to that specific religious world view anymore.

As usual, Finn lyrics lend themselves to a range of interpretations. The question in the song title is a question for the ages and can lead you down many interesting avenues. Had they wanted to make a statement, they could have gone with "There is no soul" or something similarly less ambiguous. They did not. From what i know about catholicism (being a Lutheran myself) from discussions with them, it is the punishment, sins and guilt issues that some of them struggle with most. Listening to "Sinner", it seems that it took the younger Finn a long time to free himself from these limiting aspects of faith and to arrive at whatever his inclination is today.

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