Interesting. I was all prepared to be cynical and think he's just someone wanting attention, and not really believe him. Haven't watched it all yet, but love what he says early on about what a good guitarist Neil is. Appears to be one of those amazing session players who seems to be on everything!

There's a two-hour documentary out there about the Muscle Shoals recording studio; great watch. You'd be surprised who all their session players backed.

Funny to hear him say he was brought in because Mitchell Froom wasn't confident that Neil could play guitar. Such early days! I suppose if Neil wasn't a good guitar player Tim might have ended up playing the entire album.

I suppose it's partly funny because you wouldn't expect a record company to sign a band and producer without being certain of the artist's talents, but my guess is that happens even more now than it did in the 80's.

Having studio musicians lined up in case would be Mitchell Froom just doing his job as a producer.  I think this is mentioned somewhere in Chris Bourke 'Something so strong' book as well , that Mitchell Froom's opinion eventually was that Neil is one of the most underrated guitar players out there.

The other one from the first album where the entire rhythm section was not even Paul and Nick was 'Now we're getting somewhere'.   It was Jim Keltner on drums and Jerry Scheff on bass.

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