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Hi Guys
I am looking for any NF, CH or Split Enz music without the lyrics - legal of course. I have the 'Rain' CD from the movie which includes some nice pieces but if anyone knows of any others it would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks HEAPS!

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Split Enz - Abu Dhabi (2006 mix, from Frenzy), The Choral Sea (from True Colours), Wail (from Waiata/Corroboree), Pioneer (from Time & Tide), The Lost Cat (from See Ya 'Round).

From Other Enz: Split Enz and Beyond, - The Instrumental, and old Split Enz number from 1975, performed in 1978 by A Ripper Bunch Of Blokes including Enz alumni Mike and Geoff Chunn, Robert Gillies and Eddie Rayner.

Don't know about any other Finn instrumentals.

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