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Hey so I went crazy and I made a 4 "CD" bootleg of all of the songs played at each night of the infinity sessions. I got way too into it and it sounds fantastic. I've concluded that all I can really do is keep it for myself though because I imagine there are laws keeping me from spreading it. 

It started because I just had to have the orchestral version and intro to Four Seasons from week 2 and then went from there and got kind of out of hand...Is there anything I can do with this? It really a great listen.

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I've done the same thing.... cut out the skype calls and removed some of the silent parts during week 4 just so it flows better and used some noise reduction. I was actually in the audience of week 3 and after ''Last one Standing'' When Neil says he shouldn't be so ''rash'' about everyone wanting a drink it's my wife who say's ''oh yes you should'' to which Neil replies ''someone get this lady a beer''. 

Steve Shealy posted:

Seems like it would be ok to share if you aren't charging or otherwise making money off of it. 

That's a reasonable perspective but in the eyes of the law, this does not justify the violation of copyright and IP laws.  Neil knows very well that bootlegs of his stuff are shared and doesn't seem to mind (although he's not the only party who might have a legal interest). And realistically people are unlikely to face consequences. But just for the record, it's still illegal (or at least a very dark shade of gray) and it's best to keep these things on the down-low.

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@slowpogo yeah, that's what I was thinking. Ah well. I just think the studio should have recorded it themselves and put it out!

@allthingsfinn I put in the songs from the skype calls with Nick, Liam, Connan, and Jimmy Barnes and then when he did Starman and such. Sound quality is less than great but that's part of the experience--making this was really entertaining because it was fun to give each night its own atmosphere and feel. And that's great that you made it to week 3! What a cool thing to have witnessed in person

Thanks all for the responses.

That's an awesome idea. I was planning on getting around to doing it myself actually. My version of the 'bootleg' is called 'The Complete Infinity Sessions'.

The fact that all four webcasts were given away for free and are still readily available online would suggest that a fan splicing the tracks up will be fine.

Anyway when I get a moment I'll do up some cover art for the project.

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