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just wondered when everyone started getting into Crowded House, and what attracted them to the band and its music

we all have to have started somewhere... "Who do we become, without knowing where we started from" (Silent House)

------------------------------------------------------------ "Straight to the chorus!"

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myself, i saw an advert and heard a couple of songs from recurring dream soon after it was released, waited a while till it was cheaper (it was experimental for me at that point) so it was probably into 1997 that first heard CH music

what appealed? i found it melodic, catchy, i got the hang of the lyrics pretty quickly which helped me enjoy it (even if it took me many months to work out what some of them were about!), but probably most impressively i went through the album and found not a single one i wanted to skip - unusual for me, even with greatest hits albums

of course, never did i imagine at that time that that was the beginning of an ongoing musical 'love affair' - RD was supposed to be the end, after all
I was about 15 when we got cable and I was glued to MTV (they used to play good music then). Distant Sun was the current single and I remember that the song and the video amazed me. Crowded House seemed to be everywhere; videos, Unpplugged, etc., and I quickly became interested. I specifically sat down to watch the Ray Cokes show because they were on it - and by the end I was a fan Smiler
Loved I Got You when it was a hit here in 1980, but completely lost touch with Neil's music again until Woodface came out.

Fall At Your Feet dragged me back in. First heard it in HMV in Dublin in 1992, bought the album on the spot. Looked up the music press to see if they were doing any gigs, only to find that they'd played a concert in town about three weeks before (the Foreplay gig), and I'd missed it Frowner
I've liked them right from the start, a kind of casual fan I guess. Though I didn't really get into Crowded House until Together Alone around 1994 (which is still my all time favourite album, and the first Crowded House album I bought - being a Kiwi, I think there is something almost spiritual about that album, I can't put my finger on what it is though... I've been hooked ever since - even made the jump and joined FRENZ now they've reformed, and happy I did. Peter does a fantastic job with the fanclub, the membership pack was *so* much better than I expected - Sorry I've gone slightly OT...).

Was always in the wrong place when they were touring NZ, so this time round will be my first lot of Crowded House concerts (looking forward to October and November... Big Grin)
I don't know exactly when I realized that Crowded House had been a common musical thread throughout my life, no matter where or who I was at the time. I don't think I really noticed until college in the mid-90s, but it had been there much longer than that. Whenever I didn't know what to listen to, there was Crowded House. They've cycled in and out, of course... but always back in.
The FTTW concert was the turning point for me. I was very aware of Crowded House and the connection with Split Enz as my future husband and good friend (an Aussie) kept telling me about the connection. No, I didn't know much about SE at the time (I'm from the US originally) although our college radio played them fairly often...not enough for me to know the songs though.

Fast forward to mid-'94 when I moved to Oz and began to be familiar with a greater body of work than I ever heard in the US.

Anyway, the night they broadcast the concert, I had the tv on, but was on the phone to my parents in the states and was partly watching and partly talking. I really liked what I saw and was converted after seeing the live show...ironic it was the FTTW concert that finally hooked me. As soon as the video came out I rushed out and bought it. It was the one with the t-shirt. Don't know what happened to the t-shirt but I still have the video.

Since then I have enjoyed most of the the Finn related projects and finally made it to FB concert in 2005...and my first CH concert will be in November. I can't wait.
Well, CH has been lurking in the background for some time, because I guess I was just not really concerned who played the songs. Looking back, I heard their stuff in the car, DDIO and Something so Strong throughout childhood and thought that yeah, they were by one-hit-wonders (I know, how ignorant of me!).

I remember in 1996 when I was 10, I watched their FTTW concert, because it was televised and really big, so my Dad put the tv on to the channel that showed it. He also watched Hey Hey it's Saturday religiously and CH was on that once, doing Sister Madly. Of course, then I was still too young to appreciate any of it.

Then, on Australian tv, they had ads promoting tourism to NZ and they used the begining of DDIO. I recognised the song and knew I liked it, but didn't really care then who sang it.

During highschool, my friend found her parent's copy of Recurring Dream with the live cd and started to randomnly sing their songs in class. I kinda ignored it cos I knew it was just one of her phases.

WHEN I REALLY started to get into it was when we were playing Singstar and they had Fall at Your Feet - and I was totally stoked as I completely knew the tune and had always liked it. Then someone told me that they did DDIO and that was the catalyst.

I went home, looked up on itunes their stuff and then recognised a heap of their songs(but had thought they were by one-hit-wonders). SO I decided to buy Recurring Dream. That was around the end of last year - so it's been a long long journey for me.

Usually I only tap into stuff when it's kinda over, so I'm really really happy that they got back together and I'm mature enough to appreciate them.
First of all, so far those of you responding are very very young from what I can tell!!!

I started seeing the vid for "DDIO" on MTV in early 87. I was attracted to the video, the song, & the men in the clip! "SSS" came out next and then I went and bought the CH album on vinyl at my local Rainbow Records store.

Just instantly loved "World Where You Live","Now We're GEtting Somewhere", "HOle In the River", basically the whole album. This was in May or so of 87, the tail end of my junior year of high school. That summer I went out and bought SE stuff on vinyl from my local used record store, Streetlight Records, and by the time my senior year of high school I was totally addicted and drove my friends nuts talking about CH whom they all barely recognized as a band. Saw the band for the first time in September at the Warfield in San Francisco and the love affair deepened. Spent most of my senior year waiting for TOLM to be released and the night of my graduation I rushed home to catch the guys at the Montreux Festival! Couldn't care less about graduating from high school--I just had to see the boys.

The rest is history....

Don't worry, Lorrie, I feel old reading this, too! Ha ha!!!

I remember Rolling Stone magazine and MTV promoting Crowded House, when they had released World Where You Live as their first single in the US. I think I was a sophomore in college. All it took was one viewing of the WWL video and I was to the store and picked up Crowded House--on CASSETTE! ha ha (Got to admit I thought Neil was pretty cute...)

I totally loved this album, it was so Beatles-ish to me. I had to turn on my roommate to them and we used to drive the country roads at night singing along--good memories! Wasn't much longer that Don't Dream It's Over was a big hit, and they were all over MTV. I didn't get to see them in concert back then, as I was just a poor college student eating Ramen noodles...(can anyone relate??)

Though they never did regain their hit making in the US, I've followed them throughout the years, and got to see them on the Woodface tour. A very fun evening!
I got introduced to CH ( the Woodface album) by a friend in 1995 or so. I was 14 at that time. He lent me the album and i was immediately hooked by it. Although i heard WWY and DDIO thousands of times on the radio before that but didnt know who it sang. I still got the cd by the way..never gave it back to him Roll Eyes
In the summer of 1986 I heard DDIO and was immediately impressed with what a great song it was. It is a paean to the Mersey Beat and to John Lennon as well (Neil's first line in DDIO is a rephrasing of a line in "Across The Universe", one of Neil's favorite songs btw).

I went out and bought the album and was amazed at how good it was - in fact, it still amazes me to this day.

Funny side story - I earned a scholarship in college at this same time, however, my work was paying for my tuition anyway. So I took the money and bought my first CD player. And even though I had it on vinyl, I went out and bought Crowded House as my very first CD.

I have marked the eras of my life with Neil's music ever since.
It "happened" in Summer 2005. I was 18 years old and at a traineeship in England (Devon) and worked in a hotel. We had a staff room including a juke box and the kitchen chef was playing Crowded House all the time. At that moment, I didn't realise that it is Crowded House, I just liked the music, the melody and the sound. He was always playing "I feel possessed", "Distant Sun", "Fall at your Feet" and "Private Universe". Back home, I could'nt get those songs out of my head. When I finally found out who they are, I bought some cds and couldnt stop listen to them. So im really glad that Mark, the kitchen chef, showed me that beautiful music. Smiler

I think mainly it's the melody of crowded house and neil's voice what I really love about it...
I knew DDIO and WWY from the radio but I never heard of Crowded House. I thought some other band played WWY, but for the life of me I can't remember who or why.

When I was 15 I stayed with my cousin for a few weeks and she was going through a Recurring Dream phase and was determined to get me into it too. I think she threatened to batter me for trying to convince her that CH were covering Weather With You!

Anyway, long story short, the album grew on me over the summer, I bought my own copy on the way home and CH has been a faithful companion and the soundtrack to my life ever since.
Crowded House were performing 'Fall At You Feet' on Top Of The Pops (BBC1). I immediately noticed Neil was singing live, and doing a good job of it, whereas most acts mimed, or sang badly. This sparked my interest in them.

But it wasn't until TA had already been released that I bought Woodface. They were the mellowest out of the Nirvannas, NIN's, RATM that I was into, but their songs seemed to sink in little deeper. CH also inspired a passion for late 60's / early 70's music.
Originally posted by Songwriter:
Funny side story - I earned a scholarship in college at this same time, however, my work was paying for my tuition anyway. So I took the money and bought my first CD player. And even though I had it on vinyl, I went out and bought Crowded House as my very first CD.

The first CD I ever bought was also "Crowded House" in the fall of 88. I purchased that one and "TOLM" at the same time.

The first I heard of the Crowdies was in senior high school when I saw their Mean To Me video on Countdown - must have been '86, I guess. I remember thinking to myself at the time, "that's that dude from Split Enz trying to make a half-arsed attempt at going it alone - meh, whatever!" Mean To Me didn't impress me much. I think the next single was World Where You Live (??), interesting video but also didn't impress me much. I still figured Neil for a try-hard attempting to capitalise upon the success of his previous band. Then Don't Dream was released; again great video, song didn't have much impact on me but I found myself humming the melody as I was out walking one day over the 86/87 Xmas holidays; so I guess it was a pretty alright song.

Back to school in '87 and I'm one of the few students old enough to have a driver's licence and access to a car (which is a big deal when you live in the bush!) So this fella in my class has just seen the Crowdies in concert and it changed his life. He has 2 tickets to the next show but no transport; I have a car. Cha-Ching! So this dude gives me a taped copy of the album and I listen to it and start finding myself quite liking it. Even that crap song Mean To Me and World Where You Live start sounding pretty good. So I buy my own cassette of the album (which had to be ordered in from the city) and start getting excited.

The big day arrives and we hop in the EH Holden with the sloppy hydromatic transmission and head to the big smoke - Festival Hall in Brisbane. Support acts are Joe Cammileri and the Black Sorrows and Dave Dobbyn (who's riding a wave of success thanks to Slice Of Heaven). This is only my second live music concert (the first was the Eurogliders at Australia's Wonderland in Sydney) and after a great, entertaining set by Dobbyn, the Crowdies blow me away!

Ticket dude and I go on to have a very close mateship and I end up being best man at his wedding.

My first contact with the Gryphmeister at FOTE is something I'm embarrassed about now and not a little bit ashamed. I remember writing him a narky letter demanding why it was that the Crowdies only Brisbane Temple Of Low Men show was at Expo'88. I don't think Peter actually replied to my demand directly, rather just sending me an application form for the club which I promptly completed and sent back. So, Gryphman, I know it's been a long time coming but I apologise for that letter I sent you nearly 20 years ago. Having met you on several occasions since, I realise you're a thoroughly decent guy and you didn't deserve that ****! Wink
Being an Aussie, I always knew about Crowded House. I grew up with the hits DDIO, BBHS, SSS, WWY etc.
But it wasn't untill a few years after I finished high school that I really began to sit up and take notice of them (WHY oh WHY I ask myself why it took so long! lol) Wink I guess it was around 2001 when I was 20 - I heard WWY on one of Dads compliation cds and though 'that was a great song, wasn't it?!' lol

I bought recurring dream first, basically just to hear the hits again, but ended up falling in love with ALL their music. All the other albums followed right away, then Neil's solo stuff a few years later. Only recently have been listening to more enz stuff.

I couldn't imagine life without CH and Neil now, I'm so happy that I finally appreciated what an awesome band they are Big Grin Big Grin
I fell for them the first time I heard the intro to Don't Dream It's Over on the Radio 1 Chart Show on a sunday afternoon in 1987. As the man says, "You had me at dum-dum, dip, dum-dum, dip...".

I bought the 12" (in fact, I bought two but that's another story). Also bought the follow up (Something So Strong) but I baulked at buying the album because I utterly hated That's What I Call Love (DDIO B side) and worried that I'd already got their best three songs on the two singles.

TOLM passed me by completely so it wasn't until I saw FAYF on Top Of The Pops in January 1992 that my illicit affair with those two singles from 87 became a full-blown romance with Woodface, then their first two albums.

We've been happily married ever since. In fact, CH and I celebrated our 20 Anniversary a couple of months ago and I can honestly say I love em as much now as I ever did Smiler
My sister bought the first album when it came out - it's actually signed by Neil, god knows where she got it. I loved that, which was odd because my sister and I have quite different tastes in music and we would normally run in the other direction from something the other liked. When Temple came out I bought it right away and fell completely in love with it, and remain so to this day.
WEll, I got into Split Enz first. Saw them live last year and about 2 months later I still had no idea that Crowded House was connected with Tim and Neil!! Until one day when I was doing the dishes listening to the radio and hearing, "Now We're Getting Somewhere" and thinking, gee that voice sounds familiar! I asked Dad, is this Crowded House? From then on, I just started to listening to them because of the Split Enz connection.
First I remember hearing anything by them was when Weather With You spent an age in the UK chart, I hated that song at the time! Didn't really pay attention as i wasn't of an age where music was that important, more something that happened in the background. I liked Distant Sun when it came out, but never made the connection between that and WWY.

The thing that really did it was seeing the video for Instinct on the (now sadly defunct) Chart Show one saturday morning. First it was a clip on the coming next week bit at the end, then the full video the following week - which was when Neil announced that Recurring Dream would be the end of CH, and the singles from it - Instinct, Not the girl & DDIO would be the last. Frowner I rushed out to buy Instinct, and within about 6 weeks I had all 4 albums, Instinct singles & NTGYTYA singles, and had asked for Recurring Dream for my birthday. We went to Canada on holiday and the soundtrack was Crowded House. After that I got hold of everything i could by them, and gradually discovered Split Enz and then various other offshoots and things.

This May was 11 years... blimey.
Like Paul H's post above my long term relationship with CH's music spans 20 years too(ouch!!)

I'm another who owes it all to MTV, got hooked with DDIO and the rest is history as they say.

The great thing about discovering the music in the 80's was that I was able to go to lots of the gigs first time round, the downside - I feel old!
Wow, I am feeling really old reading some of these posts. I've been a Finn fan 25+ years.

When I was about 13, a friend of mine who was really into music told me that I needed to hear this band called Split Enz. She played some music from the True Colours album, and I loved it. I went out and bought it right away. It was the first album that I bought with my own money. As a matter of fact I still own that album.

Then, the love of the music naturally transitioned over with the formation of Crowded House.

Then, when I met my now husband 15 years ago, we were out on our first date and he asked me what type of music I liked. He said "do you like Crowded House"? I was floored. For all of you U.S. fans out there, you know what a rarity, unfortunately, it is to run into another big Crowded House fan just randomly. So, needless to say, we went on a second date Smiler.
Oh, this is easy. I'd heard "DDIO" and "SSS" and loved both (I'd even really liked "I Got You" and "Dirty Creature" when I'd seen the videos on MTV), but never thought to buy the records. Then my girlfriend at the time said she wanted to buy the single of "Better Be Home Soon"; I told her that made no sense, since singles are expensive compared to albums, and I bought her "Temple". I then saw the video for "Better Be Home Soon" and thought to myself, "Man, that's a GREAT song"; I proceeded to borrow her copy of "Temple" and listened to it nonstop for weeks. A few months later, I saw them for the first time at the Pantages in Hollywood - the night immortalized on the "Marcia Marcia Marcia" fan club disc, by the by - and that was it. Twenty years later, here I am, a dozen live CH shows and a zillion fan club CDs later, and I'm still enthralled. Only three weeks from tonight, and we'll be in Philly seeing CH again - I can't wait.
^ I'm amazed you got out of that relationship alive. She was obviously a crazy woman! Wink

Originally posted by adidasman:
.....Then my girlfriend at the time said she wanted to buy the single of "Better Be Home Soon"; I told her that made no sense, since singles are expensive compared to albums, and I bought her "Temple".....

Haha! Certainly doesn't make sense to buy a single when your mate will give you the whole album for free!
1986 - my apartment mate in grad school in Madison Wisconsin bought the first Crowded House album. It caught me at first listen. I had heard the Split Enz a few times before that and liked the music, but hadn't enough exposure to really get into it. From that first release on, they've been one of the soundtracks of my life.

I used to really be a 'musical caffeine' fan - turn the rowdy music up first thing in the morning to get going for the day. Having kids changed that routine. Anyway, one day, not long after Temple of Low Men came out, I was playing it (Kill Eye - which I like quite a bit, came on) while getting breakfast sorted out for some visitors, and one of them said "oh my god, what is this, isn't a bit early in the you mind turning it off". Out of the kindness of my heart, I did, but the next time I played it at breakfast, I really appreciated it!
The way that i become a Crowdies fan is.

When we i went to my first IRB comp(it is a sport to with surflifesaing) it was a road trip for about 8 hour. So we had to listen something on the way. We listen to lots of different CDs which our diver had, one of the CDs happens to be Crowded House, Recurring Dream. I really like the melody and style the Crowded House had. And other old artist

So when we got back i ask my coach/teacher if i could borrow some of his old music CDs such as Crowded House and other artist.

As i listen to Crowded House more and more i just really love the music.

I guest i was going through a phase and start really get into the old school music, now i listen to lots of old school music.

If i have say what song got me into Crowded House, it would have to be Weather With You which is the first song on Recurring Dream.

I had herd Crowded House before but i wasn't really into the old song, i use to just listen to every thing that was new music.


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