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Sunday, as many of you know, is Elvis' birthday. So, in honor of Elvis and because I'm in a zany-ass mood today, I give you...

Top 10 Things Elvis Would Say if He Were Alive Today

10. Lipo-what? Sounds kinky, mama�

9. Shag carpets are back IN, man!

8. I�m gonna surf this web, ooh yeah baby, gonna surf this web�

7. Spooky, man�I just bumped into myself at the Seven-Eleven!

6. This PT Cruiser...does it come in pink? Mama loved pink�

5. Get your Winnebagoes the hell off my property, man!

4. Aw, Mister Mailman, whaddaya mean I still have to buy stamps?

3. She married WHO!?!?!

2. Little Elvis LOVES Viagra, mama!

1. You gonna eat the rest of that?
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ROFLMAO Heidi!!! Those are priceless!

Although... I have to ask which Elvis are you referring to? The list is obviously Elvis Presley (nice subtle Finn reference, BTW), but his birthday is January 8th.

(I only know that b/c I looked it up on IMDb... whereas my sister would have known it off the top of her head!).

In any case... if it means I can spend part of Sunday afternoon watching Elvis movies, I'll celebrate an almost-birthday with you on Feb 16th!
Big Grin Wink

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