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Originally posted by Tracy:
My fave at the moment is, Still The Song, but I just got the CD, so have hardly listened yet.
Try having the CD/DVD for almost a fortnight and not having a single ten minutes to yourself to listen to the CD or watch the DVD. Roll Eyes Frowner

by Tracy:
I just got into Tim's stuff this year, so it's great to get to hear new music at the same time as the old time Tim fans! Well, I was a Tim fan before that, just didn't have his solo stuff.

Welcome to the club Tracy. Wink
Midnight Coma was voted overall favourite choice as next single in Tim's own blog on MySpace, beating Still the Song by only two votes! Midnight Coma had my vote, so I'm happy. Smiler

For you who didn't know already, Tim asked for help picking the next single for Imaginary Kingdom in his blog on MySpace (2006-10-21), and the result was given today.

I guess it's just me, but I really hear McCartney on this album. I really hear him in the vocals! If you compare Tim's vocals and McCartney's on his latest album CACITBY.

But, I've heard McCarntey in Tim's vocals before. One song in particular is, "What's The Matter With You," in certain places.

Does no one else hear this???? Confused
There's a definite beatle-esque influence in this album, but I can't hear it in the vocals, sorry! Smiler

I've always found Tim's voice to be very different from McCartney, but he does have that ease when he sings that Paul also has. Maybe it's that.

The album is getting amazing airplay in Belgium these days. I stepped into the car 3 times yesterday and 3 times they played songs from I.K., introducing them properly too, giving some of Tim's background and calling him - deservedly - one of the great singer songwriters!
Originally posted by N.F.ADDICT:
Try having the CD/DVD for almost a fortnight and not having a single ten minutes to yourself to listen to the CD or watch the DVD. Roll Eyes Frowner

You too? Isnt it terrible?! I'm hanging out for some time alone, but i've had an unusually busy week, which just happens to coincide with me getting this album Frowner. Most of all, i want to see what he's done to Poor Boy, since i've heard some positive reactions to whatever it is. But even snaching 10 mins to get a peek at the DVD is provong challenging. Good luck with your listening attempts N.F.ADDICT. We'll need it Wink.
I'm in the Uk and there's something really great about walking into my local HMV or Virgin Records and finding Imaginary Kingdom stocked in the racks Smiler.

I've being listening to my copy in my car and it really is growing on me more and more. There are some great songs on there. I love Astounding Moon, Still the Song, Dead Flowers and Salt to the Sea - which I think is incredibly moving as Tim's personal salute to Paul. I can't wait for live dates in UK!!

The only thing that I'm a bit saddened about is that Feeding The Gods was not on a major label and didn't receive the publicity and praise that it deserved.

I've not got much to add to this discussion, but since I saw Tim in Melbourne, I've really fallen in love with Winter Light.

Always thought that song was a bit "blah" before then, but I'm really loving it now.

It's grown on me in a big way since October and now it's one of my favourites from the album.

Originally posted by Kelly Timtam:
So watchya reckon now Kazzie?

Well, I must say I really, really like this album and it didn't take me long to get into it. I'm one of those people that need a few listens of things to really start to appreciate them but this one felt like I already knew it.
Still The Song is a great tune Sticks in your head. Smiler Very Tim and I've decided it's what I've missed from him lately. Astounding Moon is a nice track, really like it. Midnight Coma has become my favourite track at the moment - can't wait for this one live. Great song. Same with So Precious - what an excellent song!
Salt To The Sea is a lovely touching song - a wonderful tribute, just the way Tim can express it. Horizon is ok although I've not really been grabbed by it. Dead Flowers was one I really didn't like at first but it's grown on me. Resting and Show Yourself are two songs on the album I'm not really fussed about - maybe they'll grow on me. Winter Light, I'd heard before from Narnia and always thought it was a lovely song.
Unsinkable is an interesting song. It took a few listens actually but I love the music in it.
Overall, it is so different from FTG, but I don't know what people want to make of that. I don't compare albums, there's no point in that. The bands that I love have such different styles in music spread between their albums - I like that. He seems to be happier too in promoting this album. I think he's happiest with this one. I read a review that didn't really pan the album but Tim's choice of music given his so-called "fan base" and their age. The review said that he should focus not on the young market but try music that his over 35 fan base prefer to listen to. I don't know what that music actually is but I'm off to a
Muse concert soon. I'm stoked that The Killers are coming back and I can't wait to pick up My Chemical Romances' new cd - and I'm 43. So reviewers don't need to speak for me.. Roll Eyes I'd rather Tim Finn makes the music he's happy with, not something he can just sell to the grannies (no offence to any grannies reading, of course Wink)
Anyway, I'm really impressed with this album. It gives me a lot of the Tim Finn that I love and that I hope goes on for a very long time.
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Originally posted by Semi-Detached:
Isn't 'Salt To The Sea' such a beautiful song? Tim has dealt with Paulo's passing in such a poignant way. Love the use of metaphors and reflection on the past.

Yes, I meant to put something like that in my review for Salt To The Sea but couldn't find the right words to express it. This is exactly what I meant to say. Thanks Semi-Detached.
I don't have a great way of describing songs like you guys do. Razzer
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I have been listening to IK for a couple of months now and thought it best that I write a little review.

It was always going to be incredibly difficult to follow FTG - which I think was a real high water mark for Tim. IK succeeds however by not attempting to replicate the raw and rocky sound of FTG - it is a very elemental album in terms of imagery and very up. Here is a man at one with his life and his world. I think it was Michael Stipe who commented on how difficult it is to write in optimistic ways but Tim has succeeded here and that bears great testimony to his songwriting skills.

So to each song...

Couldn't Be Done - fantastic rythmn, catchy and fun. Very classic Tim that is very slightly reminiscient of the Escapade period.

Still The Song - Fantastic melody with lyrics that build on the theme of music that so dominated FTG. Starts off slowly but gains a lot of momemetum. It is interesting even at this stage to note how the production on this album is so superior to Everyone is Here - you don;t get distracted by it which unfortunately for me happened with EIH.

Astounding Moon - For some time I couldn't really get into this track. I thought the arrangement was too conventional, even predictable. Now I would rate it as close to my favourite - there is nothing radical in the arrangement as the song doesn't need it - great melody and fantastic lyric. Very autobiographical - sort of connects his own youth with being a father himself. Wonderful.

Midnight Coma - This seems to be a fan favourite. I like but it is not one of the highlights for me.

Salt to the Sea - Beautiful - lovely melody and stunning bridge. The mixture of metaphor and narrative in the lyric is masterful. A great tribute to Paul - for what its worth I think this would have been the best single. I guess Tim may not be comfortable with that and I could understand why.

Horizon - Starts off sounding like a 'typical' Tim song but really takes off at the end. I love the cascading fireworks sound after the chorus.

Dead Flowers - Another open letter to Phil Judd (?) but very heartfelt and reflective. This for me is one of the strongest cuts on this album. I have noticed that he doesn't seem to play it much (or perhaps at all) live. I think this is his best vocal on the album - high praise because I think he sings fantasticaly throughout.

Resting (you hand lighly). Nice understated song that is beautifully structured.

Show Yourself - hmm. I want to be positive but..It is not a bad song by any means but it stands apart from the rest of the songs on IK. I don't like the opening electric piano (sounds like supertramp. Tim has done gospel influenced songs before and very successfully. Fraction and Luckiest Man Alive come to mind. This is not a bad song but for me it disrupts the flow of IK.

Winterlight - A masterpiece of atmosphere, wimsy and hope. Very cinematic (as you would expect) especially at the end where it fades away rather than having a neater conclusion like STS or AM. I would love to hear this live,
as I suspect it would be even better!

So Precious - Love this. Raucous, loud, makes you want to dance. type of song Neil would give his back teeth to write. Mind you there are quite a few of his Tim would love to have authored.(Distant Sun is one I have heard him mention.

Unsinkable - A gem!! I think he has purposely left this as a bit of a fragment. It disappears as quickly as it appears - like a childs observations (that is not intended as a put down). Very profound lyric!!

A couple of other observations. Tim sings really well on IK and takes on considerable instrumental responsibilities.

The songs are beautifully written - they don't sound forced or as if they are following a template.

The production is simple but very clear and effective. This is such a relief after EIH which I thought was a fastastic collection of sounds struggling to keep their head above heavy handed omnipresent production.

I think this is the best packaged and presented CD/DVD by either Finn/Split Enz/Crowdies ever.

Tim continues to grow as a songwriter. To follow FTG with something of this quality is staggering. I don;t know which is better - I am just glad I can listen to both.

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