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Joel I'd definitely recommend getting the album. I think it's much better than Tim's last 2 solo efforts, and in some respects (eg. production) perhaps all his previous solo efforts.

Semi-Detached I was in Auckland last week and saw no sign of the bonus version anywhere. Did you guys get the one for EIH? It took longer to come out in Oz than the standard version, which in the case of IK I noticed was on sale after the October 6 show (and before the October 14 release date). I also asked about the single in both Wellington and Auckland and was met by blank stares and disbelief that it was being released, and those who looked cooudn't see it on their catalogue. What a shame. I hope the bonus version comes out in NZ. Have you asked anywhere? Might be worth a try.
When I checked on Monday at JB Dandenong, they didn't have it. I checked at Sanity Dandenong on the Tuesday, and they had one copy, which was a couple of dollars cheaper than JB (A$24.99), and that was the bonus DVD version.

I reckon ordering online was the way to go. It was quick and efficient, and took any stress away.

I would recommend that you get it. Although there are one or two songs which are taking me a little while to warm to, its worth having. Smiler
Yay, I finally got my IK in the mail today! I've know it'll take me months to absorb the whole thing but here are my initial thoughts.

First, the DVD is a great little bonus. Great to be able to watch the artist record in the studio and I do enjoy the alternate versions presented.

I feel the new album is more a follow up to Before & After than part of the Say It Is So/Feeding the Gods era. Like it's the missing link between B&A and SIIS. "So Precious" sounds like it could have been part of Steel City. But while his last two albums were triumphs of alternative rock, Kingdom brings back the "soul" sound which I feel he's had less success with (ie. Can't Do Both, Searching the Streets, Fraction Too Much Friction[ducks]). I think "Dead Flowers" and "Show Yourself" both end up sounding forced and dated.

Drat, I didn't want to start off being so negative. I do think the album is better than everything before SIIS. The strongest tracks seem to be the ballads "Astounding Moon", "Winter Light", "Salt to the Sea", and even "Unsinkable (sounds like 'Remember When')". I'm still waiting for "Midnight Coma" and "Horizon" to grow on me. "Still the Song" and "Couldn't Be Done" are the most immediate. "Resting Your Hand Lightly" reminds me of "Commonplace".

Does anyone else think that "Sunset Swim" would fit well on this album?

It's interesting that I really didn't care for "Winter Light" when I heard it alone but now that I hear it in context I love it.

So, all in all, I thought Tim had a real creative and under appreciated musical peak with Feeding the Gods. I'm not surprised that he's gone back to the safer adult contemporary stylings of Before & After but it's harder to applaud this collection knowing what he was capable of pulling off just 5 years ago.

Disclaimer: It sometimes takes me a couple months to really warm up to new material so some opinions will probably change.
Ok. Now I'm the one who is curious about IK.
There's a write up in the Adel Advertiser about this (if I can get the scans working before 6pm CST, I'll post a link but if not... Roll Eyes) and it says in the article about 'Salt To The Sea' being written for Hessie! Cool
I don't have the album YET, so I'm just curious to know... what's the song like? Confused
Joel NF Addict,

What are you both waiting for do yourselves a big favour go out & buy this album.I have had it in my CD player since Saturday morning it is nothing short of brilliant.

And Joel another thing,i think from previous posts you are a Paul Mccartney & Oasis fan just like me,so if you want an album that sits nicely on the same shelf as Chaos & Creation or Don't Believe the Truth,well trust me & go buy this thing already.
Well, as Macca might have said,

"It's a fine line, between Chaos & Creation,
It's about time, you understood which road to take,
It's a fine line, your decision makes a difference
Get it wrong, you'll be making a big mistake "

I've finally had a chance to sit down & have a good old listen to Imaginary Kingdom, & well i must admit that it's taken a good long while to get into this one. Granted i have been flat chat, & distracted & just having it on in the background doesn't really give you a chance to really "get into it". So when i actually did, i really liked Still The Song, Couldn't Be Done (had no idea??), Astounding Moon, Midnight Coma, & Horizon. Winterlight is great as well, but that goes without saying really. Look it's almost better than Escapade. Wink

I'm not really hearing McCartney i must say. There are Beatlesque moments, but i think it sounds like Tim Finn really.

& just for the record this is not copyright protected, so those who want to order it to play at home on their computer, you can go ahead & do so. So, erm "do yourself a favour".

All the lyrics are in the little booklet, & there are some very nice b&w photos of Tim in the studio gettin' funky with the Farfisa! Eeker
Wow! Gotta love a Farfisa. & some wonderfully magical & mysterious pics to expand your own Imaginary Kingdom.

Are you ready for a journey to your Imaginary Kingdom?

& from the credits & thank you section of the booklet, i found this. Tim the Baptist.
Tim the Baptist??

As some people think Tim sounds like Paul McCartney, would that then mean that Neil is John Lennon? An Astounding comparison!
Erm, are we singing from the same Tymnal Camus?
(Page 5 if you want to "sing along" kiddies)

Are we talking about the Standard Edition, the Special Ltd. Edition with Dvd featuring the Big Jesus Burger Sessions (hold the pickles thanks!), or the Nashville/Farfisa "Love In" Sessions with the Reverends Huff & Finn?

Look maybe my eyesight is starting to blur, but from a certain angle you could mistake a Steinway Upright for a Farfisa, a Bosendorf, or a Yamaha (brumm, brumm). But then some people wouldn't know a farfisa from their knees sir.

If you say nano, it rhymes with piano
but when saying Mechano, it leads to piano.
If you start seeing Farfisas, best to head to Ibiza. Eeker

The new avatar does have a touch of the old Percy about it. It's actually a Van Rijjn self portrait according to the small print, (no relation to Van Morrison, although they both enjoyed wearing hats apparently, & had little else in common) .

I think Percy would have enjoyed Tim's newie. Would have been pefect to play in an Aussie Country Garden. Wonder what Thelonious would have thought of Imagniary Kingdom?

Well i must away, the face of Jesus is begining to form in my chocolate monty. Always a sign that it's time for a cup of something well brewed.

Here endeth, the lesson. Cool
Originally posted by Crescendo:
Joel NF Addict,

What are you both waiting for do yourselves a big favour go out & buy this album.I have had it in my CD player since Saturday morning it is nothing short of brilliant.

I can't speak for Joel, but right now I've got a little problem with buying IK... I can not really afford to buy it right now Frowner It is touch and go whether or not I can go to see Tim in concert Feb 6th next year. Frowner
I'll certainly make sure that I've got enough $ to buy Neil's new album when it comes out. Wink
Originally posted by mummakook:
Yes, Tim dedicated Salt to the Sea to Hessie at each of his Australasian shows. It's a beautiful song. I could describe it, but I'm sure you'd rather just hear it for yourself.

So ... thanks to the Finn Bros forum, anyone wanting a try before you buy listen of IK can go to Tim's official website enter the code TIM02 and you get to hear the whole thing.

Thanks for that -listening to the Album now!
Originally posted by mummakook:
So ... thanks to the Finn Bros forum, anyone wanting a try before you buy listen of IK can go to Tim's official website enter the code TIM02 and you get to hear the whole thing.

Thanks for posting that link mummakook - saved me some cash by being able to hear it before I made the mistake of buying it.

It's a shame really, 'cos (despite the sig) I am a Tim fan, loved FTG, but I'm also in the camp of not liking Escapade. I wanted to like it, but couldn't even listen to the whole thing... Frowner
Aka o Miru,
I'm sure you intended to cause some controversy with your Post and although I respect your opinion, I have to ask, what is wrong with you?
This is some brilliant work of music.
I would understand if somebody disliked a song or two (I really love the whole thing) but to say that you would have made a mistake if you had brought it. Thats just nuts!
You are entitled to your own opinion as are we (those who post and read things on this friendly forum).
I dissagree.
The overall sounds and feelings of these songs are great. They represent emotions and experiences we've all had at some point in our lives. The melodies and arrangements are beautiful!
I dont love Escapade either but this album scores very high!
As you've said BRANDO, Aka is entitled to her opinion, and is entitled to express it, and she doesn't like the album. That's not nuts. That's just her expressing her opinion. Smiler

The majority seem to be really hooked on this album, but there will always be people who are not in the majority.

I like the fact that she just came straight out and said it. Smiler Might as well - rather than just plodding along and not liking it, and waiting until the rest of guess that. Frowner

Thanks for your honest opinon Aka.
Ah good on you Aka, there's always albums we don't like straight off, or at all, as much as we try and like them sometimes, they just don't gel.

Don't know if this is an album that gets me where I live, but have been enjoying it all the same. Its dug through quicker than either of Neil's, with Tim's poppy tunes. I do like pop!
Also closer to the heart I suppose after following what the lads have been up to, so more personal in a way with sticking about the forum, so you get an understanding of where he's coming from in alot of the new work.

Did have a bit of overload of it in the past week, so having a small break from it.

Ramble over.

Seany looked like Rembrandt did a chubby Whitley. LOL
Originally posted by BRANDO BRANDT:
Aka o Miru,
I'm sure you intended to cause some controversy with your Post and although I respect your opinion, I have to ask, what is wrong with you?

Honestly, controversy wasn't what I was aiming for - just posting an honest reaction to the album and wanting to see if I was the only one. It was also a genuine 'thank you' to Mummakook for the link info.

Thanks to people for recognising my right to my opinion - that's all it is in the end (PS Texas Rose - wrong personal pronoun. I is a "he", not a "she" Smiler

As for "what's wrong with me?" (Wink) - nothing that I'm aware of, but the last couple of years I realise I have been re-assessing some of my musical tastes I guess.

I'm looking at things a little more objectively these days. I don't have a huge disposable income now, so there's less of the knee-jerk fan reaction of 'gotta get it!' when new releases come out. If I don't like something, I'm not going to buy it, even if it is by someone who I think has written the best songs ever written.

I've always recognised Tim as being a bit hit-or-miss, but I've always liked the basic pop aspect of his solo albums (aside from Escapade - my first reaction to that album was to burst out laughing I'm afraid...). This one tho'.. seems like a step backward somewhere.

I can't find anything to really identify with in it, and there's something very unpleasantly over-produced (in a Jeff Lynne-Threetles etc. sorta way (shudder...)) about the sound (I've much preferred the live acoustic version of Couldn't Be Done that I've heard - doesn't lose so much of the momentum). Everything I heard was just (IMHO) very average, middle-of-the-road, innoffensive, undistiguished... . Not what I was expecting to hear really (or rather not what I was wanting wanting to hear - after hearing stuff like Midnight Coma & Winter light before it came out, along with some of what's in Couldn't be Done, I had a feeling it was going to be like this for me)

I can't go into to much detail on specific exapmples I'm afraid, since as I say I've not managed to listen to the whole thing. However, I do know that with any other albums I've had this sort of reaction to, any time I've tried to give them another go, the original opinion hasn't changed...

That's about it... Wish it wasn't so, & maybe it'll sound better live, but I'm not holding my breath... Frowner
Aka o Miru,
I have to say that your Post is very well written and you seem to know what your talking about.
I respect your opinion and kinda' agree with a few things you said like the some of the record being "very average, middle-of-the-road, innoffensive, undistiguished...".
The roughness and raw sounds of SIIS and FTG were particularly attractive to me but I think he came out of EVERYONE IS HERE with some new perspectives and sounds.
If what I'm reading you right, I think your probably gonna' enjoy Neil's new solo effort a lot more. I think he's in a more experimental phase and isnt really as absorbed by production.
Aka wrote:
(PS Texas Rose - wrong personal pronoun. I is a "he", not a "she"

Dontcha hate it when you get that wrong? Red Face Roll Eyes

Sorry Aka.

I also enjoyed your subsequent post, and felt that you made a lot of very valid points.

However, you're just plain wrong about Escapade Big Grin Wink Razzer

If you get a chance to see Tim live don't pass it up. I think you'll see and hear the songs in a very different light. I do get what you mean about the production. These songs are really raw and emotional when you hear them live - for me it was like everything was stripped away, and he was just playing and singing direct from the soul. Great, great stuff. Smiler
Originally posted by nrLois:
Sorry if this is a duplicate post, but I am waiting for my imported copy of Tim's cd to arrive in the States... Does anyone know who did the cover art for this album? Was it Tim??

Hi nrLouis, & welcome. No it wasn't Tim, it was a graphic design studio called Debaser. Sounds like a name inspired by The Pixies song of the same name. Or it could be a reference to the d-base software programme. Although it looks like they use Macs, so d-base probably isn't the reason for the name.

Hope you ordered the Cd/Dvd edition. It will be well worth the wait. Hope you enjoy it when it arrives, & hope you enjoy posting on Frenz. Smiler

If you get a chance to see Tim live don't pass it up. I think you'll see and hear the songs in a very different light. I do get what you mean about the production. These songs are really raw and emotional when you hear them live - for me it was like everything was stripped away, and he was just playing and singing direct from the soul. Great, great stuff. Smiler

i'd have to agree with TR here, it took hearing many of Tim's songs live for me to tryle appreciate them.
My copy of the bonus DVD edition of the album arrived via the post today (yay!) Big Grin

What a great looking package! I didn't realise it came in a slipcase. Love the antique map design on the discs. This album is a complete package - much love and attention has gone into the little things (conceptual artwork; full lyrics; Tim's liner notes re: the performances on the DVD).

Is it me or is this an awesome album? I've found it to be more immediate than Feeding The Gods, even if it's nowhere near as rock 'n' roll as that album. It's quite atmospheric, from the packaging to the performances. The whole Chronicles Of Narnia theme seemed to influence the artwork to a big degree.

Overall, the songs hit me as being upbeat and catchy. 'Couldn't Be Done' is a bouncy little opener, and I love the song titles alone ('Astounding Moon' and 'Midnight Coma' just to mention two - classic Tim!) I was looking forward to hearing 'Salt To The Sea' after reading what it was about, and it doesn't disappoint - in typical Finn style, it deals with a sad event in an optimistic and philosophical way. Also enjoyed 'Winter Light', which is great little bonus for the album.

The DVD is very well done. The brief opening section is insightful, with Tim talking about imaginary kingdoms and revisiting the old songs. I really enjoyed how it was made to look as though Tim was performing all the instruments at the same time in the style of a live-in-the-studio band. Too bad we couldn't see Mike performing, but overall they were great revisions of songs from the past. Must take plenty of co-ordination to sing, play guitar and operate two kick drums at the same time!

Anyway, overall, I love this album from first listen, and these days it can be hard to feel that way about a new release. Nice job, Timmy! It's another 40 minutes of pure Finn pleasure. Thank you, sir! Big Grin
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I have to weigh in on this one.

First, I’m a huge Tim fan. While I find Tim’s catalogue more inconsistent than Neil’s, the songwriting ages beautifully, occasionally eclipsing his younger brother.

“Stuff & Nonsense” still slays me.

But this record brings out a career long malady that I think dogs both Finns. Why do they make disappointing choices at critical times in their careers? (Example: who picks the “singles”?)

It always breaks my heart because they belong in the pantheon with Bowie, Springsteen, Gabriel, etc., etc., etc.,. Not as some obscure fetish band for those of us unconcerned with fashion and smart enough to be in the know.

These men should have bank accounts the size of some Industrialized Nations!!!

But some banana peel always gets in the way that keeps them from grabbing the larger audience they deserve. Or causes them to get pigeon holed (e.g., most people still think of Crowded House as a light rock ballad band)

I think the writing on much of Unimaginable Kingdom is stellar. But the production is so well behaved, so pat, it feels like an afterthought. Like session guys mailing it in.

Tim’s writing seems tailor made for the dry in your face production of bands like Arctic Monkeys or JET, or the intimate approaches of Iron & Wine or M. Ward or even Alex Lloyd. It calls out for less middle-aged gloss and more invention, which is where I hoped he was headed after FTG and SIIS.

Especially, since he continues to run circles around most songwriters.

Instead, once again I feel “stuck” with great quirky songs and uninspired production –one of the reasons I seldom listen to the dated sounds of Big Canoe or Escapade, despite those albums considerable highlights.

Oh well. Maybe next time. Life could be worse. I can get past the production, even if it does make me wince here and there. Most of the songs are great and get better with repeated listens - as always.

And I’ll still buy every Tim Finn album as long as he makes them.
My copy of the bonus DVD version arrived in the post today and I've just had a wee watch of the bonus DVD part...........

"Time for a Change" is the stand out track on this. Bloody marvellous!

As for the rest of "Imaginary Kingdom"? "Astounding Moon" is kind of leaping out at me after the first listen. This is good stuff from Tim. As good as "Feeding the Gods"? Does it matter one way or another? I love it all.
This album is sinking into the skin quite nicely.

Glad I don't have to make the decisions of singles. It really depends on which market they're trying to hit and get maximum dollars for, shame in Aus it seems to be the rock stations that sell singles here, but we're a minory market no doubt. Feeding the Gods is a great break out rock album, why he didn't have a huge hit off that I don't know !

Unsinkable, I'm still trying to fathom why anyone would go that as a single. Think it'd have to be my least played track. From there who knows which to pick?! What a tough decision. Eeny meenie miney moe?

Tim was looking for ideas on his webspace, and all the respondants seem to like different songs, so don't envy the decision at all.

Its harder now too, listening to the album more and more, different songs grab you.

The album seems to show where he is now in his life, happy, peaceful, reflective, discovering and having fun, I'm loving it.
I like IK... like, not love. And I don't know if anyone has mentioned this yet, but the last song "Unsinkable" has some bits ( reworked ) from a song off the Still Life Demos. It's good.. but I kinda wish Tim had recorded it with the older lyrics.

I think I mentioned this somewhere but it went unnoticed. The song is He's In Love, but personally I prefer Unsinkable. I just wish that Tim would do Don't Break Down. That is a song with huge potential in my opinion.

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