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I bought IK myself pre-Christmas, but from iTunes (no delayed gratification for me!) The first half of the album is the best first half of an album I've heard in a long time. I like the first five songs so much that I rarely listen all the way through, although I'm sure that'll happen eventually.
The drag, though, is that I just got the songs, no pictures, no extras, no lyrics. Feeling kinda left outSmiler Should I pony up the money for the hard copy?
I got it for Christmas too - Love It!!

Salt to the Sea has to be about the loss of Hessie. The first verse lyrics surely recall Timm & Neil flying back to Melbourne after the Albert Hall concerts to attend Hessie's funeral. For me, the "upside down" Yarra River will forever now carry Salt To The Sea.

Have always felt Neil to be the more melodious of the brothers but Tim has caught some great tunes on this album - Resting your Hand Lightly and Winter Light are just gorgeous.

Can't wait to catch the tour at The MK Stables.

If you can get hold of the copy which had the bonus disk, its a real treat. Big Grin

Bonus disk??!!?? Clearly I have not been paying attention. Well, truth be told, I'm usually over at the Neil forum, but I have to agree with PJ - Tim really hit it this time.

*heads over to the piggybank, hammer in hand*

Wait - just checked and the import version is $30. Ouch. It's expensive to be a fan.

*now heads over to computer, VISA in hand*
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