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1. lunch at Judd's (a hint Wink )

2. As I want to work with music anyway it would be great to work with somebody Enz related, that's my dream. Working for/with somebody of them. That would be really cool.

3. singing anything with Neil (without audeons would be the prefered situation Red Face )

4. not especially Enz related but generally I wish somebody would write a song for me, I'd propably cry like a howling wolf Big Grin
I have 2 Enz-related wishes--is that ok? Big Grin
First, I am with Silke--I would give anything to sing with Neil. I studied singing in college (it was my minor), and I would die one happy woman if I could get that chance (maybe he will bring the Band of Strangers to the U.S. next year).
My other wish, well...use your imagination. And don't tell my husband! Ha Ha!!
Awwww, that's not friendly! I didn't say that's it, actually maybe it isn't... but howeever, don't believe everything your fave star tells you! Maybe they just didn't cook good for Tim Big Grin
I bet both Judds cook fine! Hehehe - this could nearly be a new topic... 2 topics.. Topic one for the Judd forum "Do you believe Phil can cook" and topic two "Guess which wish became true for Silke" Wink

Oh yes I've been waiting for someone to start this topic. (I'm lazy and I couldn't be bothered starting it myself).

I have 3 enz related wishes.

1) I would love to meet Neil Finn. (My dad says I'm taller than him!

2) I would love to of been at the farewell to The World concert at the Sydney Opera House

and finally

3) I would love to sing for an audience of 250,000+ screaming fans with neil and the crowdies. (I'd also do back-up keyboard).

hey I can dream!

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