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An idle fantasy of mine is seeing a mix of his great songs crossed with a world class, truly emotive lead guitar player like Joe Bonamassa. It wouldn't happen because Neil doesn't do the blues but in my head it's great! The closest we've seen is maybe something like "Still got the blues" which is a great song without the lead guitar and an all time great with that solo......

I liked the idea of his sharing the stage with Johnny Marr and Eddie Vedder, they sounded fine together back in '01. That said, and given the idea of a supergroup, why not pick and choose ...

  • Bass: Marcus Miller (let's have some serious groove)
  • Drums: Steve Gadd (still can't beat the man)
  • Rhythm Guitar: Nile Rodgers (man, I would love that)
  • Lead Guitar: Neil himself and Mark Hart
  • Keyboards: if he can't persuade Eddie Rayner, try Tim Rice-Oxley
Byrds Talk to Me posted:

There would be 4 Neils from 4 different eras:

Enz era, CH Mk1 era, Turn of the century solo era, CH Mk2 era, and present day.

Now the question is, which Neil would play what??

Hmm... how about ENZ and CH MK1 Neils sharing Guitars (acoustic and electric) and lead Vocals, Solo/Finn Bros era Neil on Bass (tea chest and standard) and backing vocals, CH MK2/Pajama Club era on Drums (and backing vocals), Present Day Neil on Piano/Keys (and backing vocals).

I would want to see a supergroup with songwriting chops.


Guitar/Keyboards/Vocal - Neil Finn

Drums/Vocal - Don McGlashan (not sure when the last time he touched a drum kit was.)

Bass/Vocal - Glenn Hughes (his recent solo album is a better Deep Purple album than Deep Purple's last album, in my opinion)

Keyboards/Vocal - Robert Lamm. Hey, maybe Neil would get invited to join Chicago too. 

Lead Guitar/Vocal - Dweezil Zappa


Hmmmm..... I'm not sure this would work as a group. But, stranger things have happened. 

Byrds Talk to Me posted:
c.houser posted:

the Plastic Macs?  I do like your suggestion. Reminds me of the Jeff Lynne doc.

All roads lead to Macca  I’m sure I had heard of the Plastic Macs but had completely forgotten. Thanks for the reminder. What was the Jeff Lynne doc?

Maybe it was the 2012 doc called Mr Blue Sky: the story of Jeff Lynne and ELO?  But there was no ELO talk, just musings of him working with major talent, and how each room in his home has a keyboard and a story of working with said major talent.  

I seem to recall, towards the end, a super-imposed "supergroup" of sorts materializes in the frame with JL playing each part in the band. Which reminded me of the Plastic Macs from the Coming Up video.  Gosh the early days of video were fresh.

I‘m not only a big fan of Neil and his work with CH. Am also a big fan of Rush... so, SE and CH had always a good following in Canada. That‘s why I would suggest:

Neil (guitar, vocals)

Geddy Lee (bass, vocals)

Alex Lifeson (guitar)

Mark Hart (keys)

Matt Cameron (drums)

THAT would be interesting, and finally give Neil‘s Songs a harder edge. His latest work is nice, but to lame. More guitars and more drive please.


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