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I was watching a series of interviews with him (around the time he got inducted into the Canadian Rock Hall of Fame) and they are quite interesting.  There is one about Dylan, one about U2, etc.  Example of Neil Young one is here:

I would love to see him produce Neil Finn.  I think it would be great to have Daniel push Neil into a different territory (I know, Neil already goes to these places already....but an outsider as great as Daniel would push him to areas he may never think of going).

What are your thoughts?


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I had a similar excitement about Dave Fridmann producing Dizzy Heights, but I only moderately like that album. The ways in which he stretched Neil (Divebomber, White Lies) I appreciate much more than enjoy.

But I’d be curious to see him work with Lanois, or Flood, or even another artist producing like St Vincent or Bon Iver. Most of all, I’d like to see him move away from the “family band” situation...he’s been entrenched in that ever since Intriguer.

My knowledge of producers is too sparse to add to the suggestions here (I'm checking them out, though, thanks for your contributions!)  but... 

slowpogo posted:

Most of all, I’d like to see him move away from the “family band” situation...

... I'm afraid I also agree with this. It seems a bit "narrative over music" in terms of priorities. 

Re the family band aspect:  but I do think that Pajama Club album is very good.  In my own list, I put it up there with the best that Neil has recorded.  Golden Child is quite haunting and different.  Neil's wife adds a great element with her great singing voice.  And she was in a band before so great experience and skill on bass.  His sons are just as talented as anyone he could call upon to join him.  So the more I think about it, I have no problem with the family thing as long it creates great albums like Pajama Club.

It’s not about talent level or familial relations. I just feel his output has started to feel weirdly homogenous post-Intriguer, even as sonically diverse as his albums might sound.

I know he’s worked with a few new collaborators too, like Dave Fridmann and Victoria Kelly. But otherwise his core musicians have been more or less the same, and not in a “band” way like Crowded House. It’s just starting to really bore me, like “Them again? Eh...”

I think new collaborators all around could yield something really interesting (even if that means a Fleetwood Mac album). I’m excited by the idea of an indie artist/producer like St. Vincent and a new band. I’m really, really not excited by yet another iteration of Liam/Elroy/Sharon and some Old Guard producer like Tchad Blake.

Maybe even just Neil on guitar with Daniel producing.  Then a guy like Daniel adding layers after.  He did that with Bob Dylan and it worked out well.  

Or opposite of thing Neil absolutely has to do...and should do it soon while relatively put out a harder edged album.  Tap into those wild solos he does live.  So maybe seek out a producer that has produced harder rockin acts.   I think it would blow people away and send Neil on a totally different path.  His slow, quite requisite, song creating should be shelved for a bit now.   

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