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I’ve just watched a few videos on YouTube.

In particular, “Go your own way”, “I got you” & “Don’t dream it’s over” Neil looks so amazingly happy!

I’m not 100% about this project and like many others would love him to reform CH or do another Finn Brothers album BUT it warms my soul to see him so happy. 

I’m just so proud that (even for just one tour) so many other people see what we see.

Neil and his music had made me so happy throughout my life and continues to do so - he deserves all this happiness flying back at him.

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Couldn’t agree more except that I’m loving every minute of performances by this band.

I’ve always liked Fleetwood Mac (love Lindsey Buckingham) and of course think Neil is god; so for me this was somewhat a marriage made in heaven.

Side note: caught a glimpse of Lindsey playing live (from a few days ago) on Youtube, and it made me kind of sad. There was just no joy there.

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