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"This is going out to everyone..."

HOOOOOOO-RAY! I came out my apartment this morning, late for work, and found a package of CDs from NZ at the mailbox. I've got Bic Runga, Dave Dobbyn, and The Swingers to entertain me today at work. I do believe I like Beautiful Collision so far (two songs Smiler )

*happy dance*
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Thanks, Jenn - you are so right!

I would have to say that Beautiful Collision is better than Drive... I think I knew that from just listening to one sound clip before I got the CD.

And The Islander is a LOT more FUN than Lament for the Numb or Twist!

"If you've been waiting, you've been waiting too long..."

Unfortunately the Swingers album just doesn't impress me. I'd heard Counting the Beat before, but of the rest of the album... well, I sort of understand why the Swingers didn't make it too far. Or maybe I just don't like Judd's post-Enz work. (Although I like Schnell Fenster!)

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