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"Now one-fifth of the global phenomenon that is Crowded House, Aotearoa New Zealand's Liam Finn has announced a thrilling new solo project named Liam Finn’s Hyperverse — daring us all to join him on the journey towards his long-awaited fourth studio album.

Finn is kicking off an innovative online streaming series, offering an intimate ringside view of his songwriting and recording process as the new album takes shape in real time, going live on Twitch twice per week from 14th June onwards. The Liam Finn’s Hyperverse series will conclude with three limited capacity events happening at Tāmaki Makaurau Aucklands Roundhead Studios from August 11th to 13th — where Finn will perform his freshly composed music for the first time ever while tracking it onto two-inch tape (with no digital safety net), to a live studio audience including members of the general public. Nearly the entirety of Finn’s writing and recording process for the album will be witnessed by audiences online and in-studio, an audacious and potentially vulnerable move for any artist."

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Sound terrifying to do ...

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@Shadowman posted:

Just saw the first twitch stream. Highly recommended for those that like the wild one man jams Liam performed on his first tours. He is jamming, and looking for song parts that are interesting. Some are, some are not

I'm too old to be a fan of his "wild jams". He is so good at writing lovely pop songs, wish he would stick to that. Spill the Light, Cold Feet, etc. are just so sublime. To my ears, anyway.

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