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Hi everybody! I wanted to celebrate my birthday this year (for the first time in many years). I've always hated my birthday and strongly disliked getting presents. I'm serious. I have a total mental issue with the whole thing! So I'm trying to break out of it.

My birthday is in a few weeks, and I would love to throw myself a silly party, like a bowling party. I'll be 31. Smiler My problem? All you guys live FAR AWAY!!!

I'm a computer geek, admittedly, and most of my friends live in other states or countries. I work from home for me, so I don't have traditional co-workers or even work acquaintances. Well maybe a couple from the camera store, but that's it. Basically, if I thought of every local person I'd want there, I might have 6 total, and who knows who'd even come.

HOW do I have a birthday party with everybody far away? What should I do?
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well you could also make a poll where your frenz could choose an hour they are connected together
at that hour all of them get on the forum, put the same record in the stereo(i think everybody will be ok about the music they want to hear Wink )
and the party begins !!! virtual cakes, virtual glasses of Dom Perignon, it won't cost you a thing, and your house will be cleaner as never after a party !
Deb, this is goofy as all get-out but it made my 31st birthday the most fun, memorable one in a very long time.

I gathered a group of people I was closest to (my husband, kids, and mom) and sent my husband to Baskin-Robbins (the store with 31 flavors of ice cream...) to get a sample-size cup of EVERY ONE of the 31 flavors and a bunch of spoons! (We called the manager earlier in the day and told them about our zany idea, they knew we were coming and were more than happy to help...even gave us a 15% discount off the total bill!!!) It cost about $35 when all was said and done.

We put all the flavors out on the table, and everyone got to go crazy, spooning whatever flavors they wanted onto their plate. My daughter made a casserole of all the pink flavors, and my son concocted something disgusting....I, of course, as the 31-year-old birthday girl, HAD TO TRY EVERY FLAVOR. Yes, some of them were gross...but whenever I tasted a gross one, I'd just relate it to a yucky year (EEEEEYEW! 1983!). It was totally hysterical, everyone had a blast, and it makes you realize that much like the ice cream, most of the years were flavorful. Smiler

Whatever you choose to do, MANY HAPPY RETURNS!

[EDIT: OOPS, this is Heidi on Jay's computer...oh well, he did it to me by mistake the other day so I guess we're even now, lol...]
One other thing, Deb....

Once, when I lived far away from my mom, I threw her a "surprise virtual birthday party." I put up a website and sent out e-mails to everyone I could think of who knows her. I installed a guestbook on the site, and the idea was, everyone was supposed to go there by a certain day/time to post their messages, and then I sent my mom an e-mail with the link.

When she clicked on it, it had animations and music and "Welcome to Renee's Virtual Surprise Birthday Party!" and all the messages from all her friends and relatives who had spent all week visiting there and posting greetings for her and everyone else to read. She really dug it. Maybe you (web desingerette extraordinaire) could do something like that?

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