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I recently got a few more frenz related cds from ebay and what not and began counting my Frenz related collection.
I enjoy almost all of the music and buy almost everything i can when money allows. Just wondering how many cds does everyone have, no need to list names of bands, if you consider it Frenz related it counts. Bootlegs, singles, studios, live, regular, they all count.
My number 90 cds.(more coming)
How bad is everybody else Smiler
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Can we include even those that are really tenuously linked?

Cos if so I think it was around 200 before I left England. I've bought 40 so far while in NZ, but most of them aren't really releated.. a few are... Discounting those where the links not totally obvious, I'd say around 120-140.

And total CD collection on last count was c.500.

I so need a bigger bedroom. Big Grin

i don`t actually get the question, so i will answer both.

50/60 frenz related items.

how many cd`s in total? between 900 to 1100 maybe? I need a new storage system. There are 190 sitting on top of my cd player read to collapse.

my total is alright considering i`m 23 and have no money. who needs food?

actually, i found chocolate in the tray of my CD player today. Maybe it`s going to start rewarding me with food as i treat it to so many cd`s.

Only 3! Recurring Dream was my first (got it in Jan) then i got One Nil a week after release and i got Finn Bros. about a month ago. I have a dubbed tape copy of Try Whistling This but i don't think i can count that as 1) its a tape and 2) it is a dubbed copy (naughty me!)
But for a new fan i think I am doing ok. Oh yeah, my dad has Mental Notes (record) and i also have a Dave Dobbyn cd, and a Bic Runga cd (these links a bit too tenuous?)
Ok, now make me hang my head in shame!

Erin (the newbie)
I've got the Deadstar - Over The Radio album (only just found out that Nick was involved in it) if that counts. I got that live Hunter's & Collecters album if that counts (Mark is Nick's brother).

In all (including vinal & cassettes), about 30.

If anyone's interested, I've got both versions of Crowded House. The one with i walk away & the one without. You can get the version without it for just $10 brand new @ that shop @ Southbank in Melbourne. It's called Hippiest Records or something. The guy gets them before they're put down (crushed to death). Eeker
I feel like Charlie from the Chocolate Factory when he stands up in class and admits to having eaten only 2 Wonka Bars...while all around him have eaten boxfulls!!

Anyway, I've 4 related Cds and a few of Neil's covers which I've downloaded!!

Crowded House - Woodface
Crowded House - Recurring Dream

Neil Finn - Try Whistling This
Neil Finn - One Nil

And once the new 7 Worlds Collide CDs is released that'll bring me to 5!! Big Grin

Any suggestions of what to pick up next?...
Thanks a lot for the suggestions...Together Alone (great title) it is would you rate Afterglow, I was looking at it last night and reckon it could be worth buying also?!?
The Brain - do the main record stores stock Crowded House and Split Enz titles, or did you have to dig deeper to come up with them??
JK Smiler
CDs = 11 (CH, ENZ, ENZSO, Neil, Finn Bros)

Cassettes [you younger set may not remember this antiquated method of recording! Wink ] 3 Pre-recorded
(TOLM, Woodface, TA)

Probably about 10 home-made cassettes--compilation singles, one tape of WWY recorded 12 times ( broke my first cassette of Woodface from rewinding and replaying the song over and over!), and a couple of concert tapes made for me by frenz. I now have a CD player in my car, but I still play the tapes too.

Yeah, definitly get Afterglow too. It'll be the 2nd best investment you ever made. It's amazing how those 13 tracks were considered rejects or weren't in the best 10 or 12 songs recorded in those sessions. How many other bands can release an album like that 3 years after they've split up full of quality songs like that?

How many people here were happy when Afterglow came out only so you could add another CD to your CH collection... thinking that the songs were just plain rejects or stupid home demos that they wouldn't even touch as b-sides & buying it only because it's another CH album?

I thought that, but all of the songs are brilliant. Some take a while to grow on you, but when you're used to them, it's like another Reccuring Dream. If they had've relesed you can touch or sacred cow or anyone can tell or just about any other song there as a single, they would've been hit singles. Anyone can tell that.

On Travis's new album The Invisible Band, they've got a really good song on it called Afterglow. Do you think they called it that as respect for CH's album...?

Sorry to go on & on about it, in 1 word, YES (buy it). Razzer
Originally posted by ValerieH:
[qb]Can't wait for Afterglow II! Big Grin [/qb]

Now that would be something to look foward to & judging by them having enough "rejects" to produce an album full of gems, I can't see why they wouldn't have any more left-overs.

Supposing they only have an EPs worth of more "rejects", they could release them on a CD with some other classic live recordings & even include some b-sides (if there were any) from the singles lifted from Together Alone. Then if there's still space left, they could put some of Neil Finn's home demos on it too (like Lester). If there's any more from where Lester came from, that would be great. + they could also add some of the original versions of the songs (like the slower version of private universe for example), they must have some more of them.

Here's to AFTERGLOW II Smiler (& hopefully III IV & V). Smiler Smiler Smiler
Just over 80, including all the 'double' CD singles Crowded House, Tim Finn and Neil Finn have released over the years, and incredibly five different versions of the Weather With You single (UK, US, Dutch import, Dutch remix versions!). I think my Distant Sun US remix is probably my most treasured CH single.

Afterglow - mmm, I was a bit disappointed, as I had a lot of the tracks from the aforementioned Crowded House singles... but it was worth it for Time, Dawn, Help and Sacred Cow.
Well, I am about to pack them all before moving to Oz for a year.

Please may I measure in boxes? Wink

Right now, I would guess about 3 meters of Finn-related, and probably about 9 meters of other.

Or something like that.

ANd then there's the Live CDRs..

ANd the Vinyl. Oooooh, the vinyl Wink

In January 1998, I had 32 CDs total (with one Finn-disc - Woodface).

Since last I visited I've picked up Afterglow & Together Alone - so thanks to all for the suggestions you all made - you were spot on... Smiler

Reason I'm here today is to celebrate the dispatch of 7 Worlds Collide which should be with me by the end of the week... Big Grin

Respect also to Bono who's amassed a fairly impressive collection...

Cheers... Big Grin
Originally posted by gryphon:
urgh I was horrified to count around 600..
CH/Finn etc related.....

This is more than 5 years ago right? How many now? Smiler Roughly? SmilerSmiler

I finished counting at 74 frenz-related CD's, 10 DVD's, 2 video's, and 2 vinyl-albums. Club CD's and DVDr's included, not included are the things I taped from TV.
This took me nearly 20 years, and I sometimes thought I was crazy, I store my CD's Frenz - non-Frenz, but thanks to this thread I feel pretty normal. Big Grin
Well my collection has been built up over a period of about 10 years (although mostly in the last 5), but doesn't include many CD singles, so here we go, I've split them into the predominant artist:

Split Enz: 12
Crowded House: 9 (2 CD Singles)
Finn Brothers: 2
Neil Finn (inc, Friends/Rain OST): 6 (1 CD Single)
Tim Finn (inc, w. Bic Runga & Dave Dobbyn/ALT): 11 (1 EP, 1 CD Single)
Eddie Rayner (inc, ENZSO/Makers/Space Waltz): 5
Phil Judd (inc, Schnell Fenster/Swingers/OSTs): 5
Betchadupa: 6 (2 EPs, 2 CD Singles)
Other Compilations: 5

Final Total = 61 (3 EPs 6 CD Singles)

My DVD total is a little less, coming in at 5 (1 x Split Enz, 2 x Crowded House, 2 x Neil Finn).

I've not included stuff like Hunters & Collectors, as I've only gone for either being a member of Split Enz or a relation (in the case of Betchadupa).
I don't have many CD singles either, as when most of them were released, I was too young/too uneducated to buy them, however on last count my collection was about 55 so its probably getting around 60 now...that includes 2 copies of most of the Enz albums because of the remastering (3 of Beginning of The Enz), 2 copies of TWT and 2 copies of Recurring Dream (one with live disc, one without).

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