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I was just curious what all the member status things were, like pitied rhino, secret god, etc. Does anyone know what they all are, in order? How do they work, well I mean what do you do to raise ur status. Is it by the number of posts you post or what? I just noticed mine going up every so often and was curious. I'd like to know what the whole ranking list is so I can see how far I gotta go. Smiler Seems like there's a lot.
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My post count and Karma points don't match up either. I think anytime that you add/edit your own posts or delete them perhaps that could have some kind of influence over Karma levels? Confused My level reached 'Slave To Ambition' today but by the above explainations don't you need at least 70 odd... whatever Karma points to reach this level? Confused Confused
Someone correct me if I'm wrong.Wink
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Just be careful that your kar-ma, doesn't run over your dog-ma.

Hmm, there is something a bit odd about the thought of becoming a sacred cow. Although Secret God is what we all aspire to. Cool

But as they say in the classics,

"it's a long way to the shops, if you want a sausage roll".

& that would be a tofu sausage folks. Smiler

It's all quite Darwinian when you consider it. & to think, once upon a time, i was but a pittied rhino, happy roaming the plains in search of chewy grass. & then i was a lounge lizard, (well, more Komodo Dragon really).

One more post, & i'll be a multi-cellular life form, (we live in hope folks) Eeker
Look it's Captain Waffle here,

About this karma thing, are posts in the PM also counted towards karma? I'm sure this question has been asked before (parhapse by me in a past incarnation Eeker), so bare with me.

Hmm, i did try to join the W2S, but first had to sign up for paypal, which i thought i did. Cheched my emails, expecting to find my username & password, but nuthin'. Maybe i didn't fill in one of the fields, (or left one blank?!). Tried it again, & the same thing happened, zilcho. I got so tired & hungry waiting, i logged off & made some waffles. Smiler

I wish there was a easy Credit Card payment option. Guess it must be my karma (or calmer). Confused Cest la ve.

Right, this has been Captain Waffle.
As you were.
Paypal? Well Nfaddict, despite what Dan Brown would have you believe, it has absolutely nothing to do with the Vatican.

PayPal is a means of electronically transfering funds without the use of paper, (ie cheques/money orders). But i am still having trouble registering for PayPal. It just doesn't seem to work for me. Confused

I'm sure Leonardo wouldn't have had any trouble signing up. Wink
So in one's personal Karma Summary, where it says
"Karma Level X of 11 (11 is Best)"

What does that mean? I get from reading this thread that the Karma Points are vaguely related to number of posts, but nowhere can I find Karma Level discussed.

I'm quite sure it's nothing important...I just wanted to know if it was something unimportant, and if so, what!
Looks like all but two of the posters on this page are still active as of this very March 2010! (Zebrasnake and Seany, where have ye goney?)

But you know Hermit McD, I think the time between album/heavy touring activity is usually a bit of a (relatively) fallow time on the boards. Less people coming in chatting, since there's less to come in chatting about.
Originally posted by Hermit McDermit:
where has everyone gone anyway????

Many posters in this topic are still here, however life circumstances often change for people and they may not have the time to post as often as they once did. Frowner Also, Mr Sadly is right about less people coming in to talk when there is less to talk about. When our artists go quiet, these boards tend to go relatively quiet.

Originally posted by Half-Full:
Did we leave?

I certainly hope not! Wink
I was originally going to send this via the PM circut, however I feel that this is something that should be said publicly for the benefit of any future newbies to the board who may not be as forum-savy as the rest of us. Smiler

Originally posted by Hermit McDermit:
I was wondering how do I put a persoalised quote up to appear with every entry and also are there any frenz shirts available, can't access appropiate link for some reason...
Thanks Big Grin

Can't help you with the frenz shirts but if the personalised quotes you are talking about are the signatures that appear underneath each post, they can be made in your personal profile.

First, click on "GO" in the taskbar at the top of every page. There, you will find the link for your Personal Zone. Go to the personal zone and click on "profile". You should see in the top right hand corner of the screen a link that reads "View/Edit Complete Profile". Click on that then scroll down to where you see the word "Signature". Next to that there should be a blank box. In that blank box is where you write whatever personalised quote/signature you wish to use. After that, scroll to the bottom and hit "submit". Once you have done all that, every post you make should automatically have your personalised signature attatched.

Hope that helps. Smiler

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